Saturday, 14 September 2013


Hi There,
Holy Moly! Spring has arrived with a whopping big punch.
The poor South Island of NZ this week has been hit with a mighty storm full of rain, lightening and VERY strong winds. Flooding, power outages and fallen trees have been the norm for the last few days. Not fun.

Up here in Auckland we have had a great amount of rain but nothing like the rest of the country.  I don't mind the rain as long as I can stay home and snuggle down beside the heater.  But alas, that is NEVER the case. My lovely littlies have to get to school somehow! Oh well at least the garden is happy.

Spring vege patch- photo taken through rainy window

Look at it all clean and tidy ready to be filled with Summer yumminess. Can't wait!

Previous Summer gardens...

I realised after scrolling through thousands of photos, I tend not to take photos of my garden.  This is very sad as past years I have had some bumper crops.  I remember one year having so many tomatoes I ended up learning how to preserve!
So starting this year I will start to take more photos of my little patch...

L xx


  1. It does seem to funny to think of your year gearing up for summer whilst here in the UK we're heading towards autumn! Hope you have a great season of veggies, ours did really well this year after a slow start x

  2. I much prefer Autumn and Spring as you get the cool nights and nice crisp warm days. I find Summer hard work. But the pay off is the garden looks good.