Thursday, 19 September 2013

A Giggle...

Hi There,
I had to share.

How many times have people (including hubby) said to me, "what are you knitting?"

Argh!!!  I don't knit.  The thought of trying to navigate two needles is too much for me.  One hook is plenty.

I do admire knitters though.  Like crocheters, they are a very creative bunch who make some wonderful things. Check out Little Cotton Rabbits.  Oh she makes the sweetest animals.   I am now waiting patiently to purchase one of her beautiful creations.

My mum tried to teach me once to knit but it was a complete disaster. Tantrums followed.  Not to say I haven't thrown a few crocheting tantrums over the years when things don't work.  But that is the fun of it right?  Seeing if you can get to the end with a lovely piece of work with your sanity still intact.

Anyway, I better go and vacuum before I can carry on creating...
So whether you crochet or knit...keep doing what you do and enjoy.



  1. Hi Lisa
    Just had a look at your lovely blog - thank you for leaving the web address for me! Such cute little ducks, they must have been great fun to make - gorgeous. K x

  2. Love the batman picture as well - made me laugh !

    1. Hi There,
      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. The ducks were fun to make. I think I may need to make more though. In different colours I think.