Sunday, 29 December 2013

Christmas Goodies

Hi There,
I hope you all had a very festive christmas day with family/friends.
Ours was a very quiet affair at a local hotel.  It was lovely to go somewhere to eat yourself silly then leave and not worry about all the clean up.

Princes Gate Hotel

The Prices Gate Hotel in Rotorua was such a beautiful venue.  The interior was so decadent you really felt like you had stepped back in time.

We all felt very 'posh' having lunch there.  Ham, turkey, roast vegetables, salad, pavalova, christmas pudding with brandy sauce and christmas fruit mince pies...mmmmm... We went home WAY too full but very very happy.

We ended the day playing dinosaur monopoly and eating roses chocolates (as Miranda would say, "Such fun!")


And now...the secret things I have been making for others in the lead up to Christmas. I couldn't share them until after they were opened.  I have been so so excited to show you so...



The cheekiest christmas imp.

He was made for a secret santa at work.  He was easy enough to make but me being the over the top perfectionist that I am, I ended up making four different arms and legs until he was just right.  I fluffed around with his face for ages too.  At one point he was made with white felt then at the last minute I changed it to beige (more gingerbready looking).  I do not recommend this to anyone as it left me a little stressed!  But the end result was worth it.

I then had fun wrapping him.

Along with a note.  Which once was all wrapped up I realised I had made a spelling mistake.  Not a good look for a primary school teacher.  I unwrapped it and fixed it. Crisis averted.

Once wrapped he sneakingly got added to the secret santa sack.

On the day I had a fantastic view of the lovely lady opening my gift.  She was very happy, giggling with her friends at his quirkiness.  It was the most satisfying and best feeling watching someone enjoying your handmade creation.  I am definitely going to make more stuff next year for gifts.

Another creation was crocheted bags and dilly dot dolls for the nieces.

My nieces haven't received these yet as we were all in different places for christmas but in a few days we are having a belated family christmas get together.  I can't wait to see their faces.  

So that is all the christmas goodies done!  All the stuffing of face is done!  Last minute tidying of the house and garden done!

Now it is time for a wee break.

I hope you all have a super fun New Years with friends and just a 'little' of bubbles are consumed.

Take care,

Monday, 23 December 2013

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree...

Hi There,
Pretty tea lights in jars decorated with Christmas ribbon
Why does December always fly by too quickly?  

Every December is a busy one.  Busy but fun with end of the school year prize giving, work Christmas parties, family BBQ's to attend, compulsory Santa photo to see to, last minute present shopping. As well as baking goodies for gifts and a new thing I started last year, crocheting christmas decorations for friends.

I wish it would slow down a little sometimes so I could enjoy it a little more but alas it just continues to fly by.  So I fly with it...

In amongst the flying I have been crocheting christmas trees as gifts for friends.  The cute design came from a favourite blog Annaboo's House.  She (I think I have said this before) makes the most delicious things I have seen.  Her blog is very addictive!

Set of three sent to Canada

I have enjoyed making them.  They are super fast to make which is nice when you are in a hurry to make gifts for people.  But while I was making these little trees an idea popped into my head...MAKE A BIG ONE!! Sure why not, I have LOADS of time...
And so I did...


All 43 rows of it!  Perfect! It sits proudly on the dining room table looking all Christmassy.  I love it! I took the little tree pattern from Annanoo's House and increased every three rows until I was happy with the size. Then I played around with the base until it was big enough to hold the tree up.  The fun part was decorating.  I went crazy with little sparkly ball beads, sequins, stars and tiny beads.  Yummy!!
I just need to find the right star to go on top.  I tried crocheting one or should I say three but none seemed to look right.  I will keep looking around for a star button or a good crochet star pattern and finish it one day but for now it looks OK without one.

Anyway, I am off on a road trip soon so...
I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas day wherever you are and you get to relax just a little bit.
Take care,

Monday, 2 December 2013

Many Thanks

Hi There,

Holy Moly!!!  1006 people have viewed this little crafty cupboard blog.

I would NEVER have thought when I started this blogging journey that anyone would be interesting in my ramblings.  Lets be honest they do go on a little sometimes.  

But I love it!  
I love just writing whatever thoughts come into my head.  
I love sharing with other like minded people my crafty creations.  
I love learning new things through other blogs.  
It is a magical world out there.

So to you all who have 'popped in' I hope you have enjoyed what you have read and do come back again...I will put the jug on next time.


Sunday, 1 December 2013

Christmas is here!

Hi There,

Christmas is well and truly here at our place. Bunting is up, lights are up, santa bowl is full of chocolates, Christmas music has been resurrected.  Ahhhhhh!  Life is (at the moment) good.

A tradition with my little family of four is to put the Christmas tree up 12 days before Christmas but this year I thought we could put it up early as we need to enjoy it before we go away.

So...Today 1st December was the day.

I love getting out the nice, neat, perfect artificial tree and ladening it with all our decorations.  Growing up we always had a real tree which I loved as they had a lovely smell and Christmas wasn't Christmas without the real tree.  But now, as an adult I am not much of a fan as they create a heck of a mess as they droop and die and then you have the dilemma of what to do with it at the end of the festivities.  So I am an advocate for the artificial tree...GO THE FAKE TREE!! 

As for decorations...the more the merrier!  Our tree is very eclectic. We have homemade crafty decorations by me, LOADS of paper and crafty decorations by the littlies and decorations Hubby and I bought 12 years ago when we set up house. Including a horrendous flashing star which Hubby picked back then as it was "pretty cool".  

Yes it still goes!

Another tradition we started when the oldest littlie arrived nine years ago was to buy a Christmas decoration of their choice every year and write the date on it.  So the idea is,  if they ever leave home they will have their own decorations to put on their own tree.  It has been a wonderful thing to do as the littlies love ripping open the bubble wrap to see their decorations again.  It makes me feel good.

Homemade Mr Claus
One of my favourite bought decorations

Christmas decorations made from a pattern at Attic24.  Yet another one of her fantastic designs.  I just love all her bright, beautiful creations.  These are super easy and fast to make.  Have a go!

Homemade Christmas quilt - NEVER AGAIN!
Homemade advent calendar

So that's Christmas life in our little world.
Merry 1st of December everyone.
New found Summer/Christmas drink