Sunday, 28 December 2014


Hi There,
Quick post today.
I just had to share what a beautiful day in NZ looks like.

21 degrees - perfect for a swim

Local beach in full Summer swing

Pohutukawa Tree in full bloom


Friday, 26 December 2014

Summer Holiday

Hi There,
Yay!  The Summer Holidays have begun!  We have six weeks of blissful rest and relaxation ahead of us.  It is quite a nice feeling not having anything planned.

Summer Holidays = afternoon nap

* * * * * M E R R Y  * * *  C H R I S T M A S * * * * *

Rudy the Reindeer and Holly Da Christmas - besties
Rudy the Reindeer arrived hot off the
hook on Christmas Eve

Today is Boxing Day here but the rest of the World will be celebrating Christmas Day as I write this... so Merry Christmas to you all who pop in here for a little read.  I hope your day has been a lovely one spent with people who you love and care about and lots of bubbles (Kiwi for Sparkling wine).

Our Christmas Day was spent with family at the cousins house.  It was so relaxed!  It was especially nice to come home to a clean house after and blob on couch.  Little People were very happy with their haul of gifts and have been knee deep exploring and playing with all that they got.  A real hit was the kinetic sand.  It is unusual stuff. Very hard to describe, it is like sand but it moves and moulds as you create. Very therapeutic!

Angels made by the Littlest Lovely and friend

Today has been a productive one.  Starting with a bike ride that nearly killed me!  I haven't been on the bike for MONTHS.  It was nice to get out there again and try and get some fitness back.  After the ride I got into the neglected garden and gave it a massive tidy.  It looks so pretty again.

After this I am off to finish a two year WIP!  Well I am going to try.  An early New Years Resolution to finish the never ending blanket.  So off I go...

WHAT!!! Lime green!? That is not right

Take care,

Tuesday, 9 December 2014


Hi There,
Life here in the craft cupboard has been a hectic one, which I see after reading back over a few posts is the story of my life really.  As much as I try to sit down and blog about all the great stuff I have made lately, everything else just gets in the way.

Something I want to make over the Summer Break
I thought December this year would be a slow amble to the end then start the Summer Holidays with the Little Lovelies with more slow ambling until Christmas.But alas this year like all the others it is FAST FULL STEAM AHEAD!  The main thing that has changed here is that I am full time working till the end of term which is great as it gives us extra funds for the super fun holiday we are about to have (in a few weeks).  But it does make for one very tired Mum.  Oh and a very disorganised house!  How do full time working Mums out there do it?  Keeping the house ticking over, dinners, lunches, cleaning, washing, working, after school or weekend sport...!!  I admire those women who have it all in order...Do they exist?   Maybe they have house cleaners.  Oh one of those would be nice even when I am not working then I could hide in my little craft cupboard and create!  Dreams are free.


Must dash now and put a load of washing on and make a yummy dinner - 'TACO TUESDAY'!  See we Mum's never stop!

Take care,

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Show and Tell

Hi There,
This post has been a long time coming and you will see why shortly...
It may also be the longest post ever because since I have been back from our wee Summer break I have made quite a few crochet goodies which I can't wait to show you.

First up...


Just for my Dad for his birthday yesterday.

I made it extra big so he can have his Grandad naps on the couch while watching the rugby.

What I have learnt making this blanket is that I need to plan and think about my design a little more before I charge into the crocheting. The blanket started as a square and then I realised a square blanket won't be the right shape for one to snuggle under so half way through I added a few rows to two ends to make it into a rectangle. Then continued around to finish it off.

What I ended up with was a rather random collection of rows.  But I do like it.  I like the 'earthy' tones which describes my Dad well as he loves to garden and raise chickens and anything else that takes his fancy.


Pattern:  My own
Hook:  4.5mm
Yarn:  Stylecraft Special DK (purchased from Deramores) in Copper, Green, Khaki, Midnight, Walnut, Denim, Meadow and Camel.
Time to make:  Months in front of heat pump and TV.

He is loving it.  We are having a very cold Spring here in NZ.  It does not feel like it is heating up at all.  So a nice snuggly blanket is just what he needs.  It made me feel good to make something special and useful just for him.


This sweet hippo was created quickly for a friend who had just had a baby.  She was fun to make as she was quick.  It has been very hard to part with her.  I know she will become a great companion for a little girl.


Pattern:  Knots of Rainbows
Hook: 3.75mm or use a bigger one for a bigger hippo.
Yarn:  Stylecraft Special DK in Grey, Silver and Saffron.
Time to make:  4 - 6 hours (roughly).


My niece LOVES 'Frozen'. So I thought for Christmas I would make Elsa and Anna for her.  I have done a fair bit of amigarumi and making of dolls so I thought "How hard can it be?"...Well...

Always read the instructions first so nothing sneaks up on you and COUNT carefully with NO interruptions (send the children away!) or else you will end up with a very alien looking doll.

Sigh...unpick and start again.  

I left Anna till last as I thought she would be tricky with all her different bits of clothing and embroidery.  But she was surprisingly easy.  Elsa was the tricky one. Her problem, apart from the messed up body, was the head.  When you decrease at the base of the head you tend to get large gaps between the stitches.  I have never liked this but figured that was the way crocheting amigarumi was.  But since looking around on the internet I have found there is a way to eleviate the gaps a little.  Who knew?!  I found over at Planet June a good technique.

Two finished dolls which have now gone to a new loving home.  New owner was very very happy with her present.


Pattern: Anna Doll Elsa Doll
Hook: 3.5mm
Yarn:  Stylecraft Special DK in so many colours.  See pattern for the colour palette.
Time to make:  12ish hours.


These two creatures started as a drawing by Little Lovely.

She is an incredible artist.  So detailed and descriptive.  She then pestered me to make them 'quickly!' One day I will teach her to crochet and she then can draw and create her own creations.  

Little Lovely 'staged' this photo


Pattern:  One off creation from the mind of LL.  Made up by Mum.
Hook: 4.5mm
Yarn:  Stylecraft Special DK in Green and Matador.
Time to make:  2 hours.


Sweet sweet Monkey.  He is the first I have made.  Lovely little fellow but I have put him away as I can not get attached to him as he will be someones christmas present very soon.


Pattern from:  Annaboos House
Hook used:  4.5mm
Yarn:  Stylecraft special DK in denim (monkey) and lime (scarf)
Time to make:  Many nights in front of the TV.  Probably though about 4 hours, give or take.

So that is Part 1 done.  Yes there is more!   I told you I have been busy.  But I figure we all need to take a break, grab a cuppa and do some more crocheting.  I need my crochet fix for the day.

I hope you all are having fun creating great things for others.

Take care,

Friday, 31 October 2014

Still here

Hi There,
I am still around just haven't been in blogland for a little while.  Life has been busy but I will try in the next few days to post something yummy.

Until then have a fabulous weekend and enjoy some knitted and crochet eye candy below...

Keeping the trees warm in Rotorua

Poppies have gone mad in my house

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Quiet Time

Hi There,

The school holidays started with a BANG!
I spend yesterday at Shed10 in the City as part of the Auckland Heritage Festival.
It was a day of WWI nostalgia.  There was a parade, food, craft, singing, Artillery Band music, vintage games and clothing.

Along with all this the 5000 Poppies made an appearance.

We had a table set up where we could spread the word about the project and get the little people to make felt poppies.

It was a great day, tiring but great.  We talked to so many lovely people who all thought our project was amazing.  Feels nice to be involved in something so special.

I will be doing a new tally soon but I think we are over 9000 poppies, so the new target is 18,500 poppies.  One for each NZ soldier who died in WWI.  Not too hard a task me thinks. 

Today I am exhausted so it has been a very quiet day relaxing, making salted caramel slice with Little Lovely and crocheting a new character.  I can not wait to share what I have done and what I have learnt. hubby just appeared with a bowl of chips to nibble on while I write this, so sweet!  I knew there was a reason I married him 12 years ago.

Take care everyone,

Monday, 22 September 2014


Hi There,

After a few hours on the TGV (fastest train I have ever been on) we arrived in Frankfurt.
We didn't stay long as we were on a major mission to get to Poppenhausen which was about and hour and a half away from Frankfurt.

Why Poppenhausen you might ask?  We were picking up a glider and car to take to Poland?  Again why (some people have asked)? As it must have seemed slightly strange for a family of four from New Zealand to travel ALL THAT WAY for a holiday in Poland.

Well... Let me explain.  Hubby had been chosen to represent New Zealand in the World Gliding Championship in Leszno, Poland and so the Little Lovelies and myself decided to tag along.

What an amazing experience!

It is hard to put into words and pictures just what it was like.  It was amazing, it was fantastic...all those good words (and more!) Spending six weeks in the Northern Hemisphere during Summer was a very clever thing to do.  Getting away from the rain and wind was nice.  Getting some sun in Poland was a treat.

Being away from home made me realise just how young historically New Zealand is compared to the rest of the world and how lucky we are way down here.

I also learnt that as a family we travel incredibly well together.  There weren't too many tears and tantrums over ice cream...
I can not wait for the next adventure.  I have the travel bug now.


Monday, 8 September 2014


Hi There,

Paris, oh Paris you would have been even prettier if only the sun had come out.
It was like Winter when we were there.  I am not sure where the Summer was.

But not even rain and a very cold wind could keep us from seeing the sights.  I dragged the Littlie Lovlies and Hubby though The Louvre.  I gave myself two hours and planned what I wanted to see and so went home very happy.  I tried not to go too camera happy in there opting for a more 'enjoy the moment' kind of attitude.  Even with ALL the other tourists in there is was still breathtaking.  I think the other members of the family enjoyed it too.

The Oldest Lovely was desperate to see the Eiffel Tower and he got his wish.  Boy is that tower huge!  You don't realise until you stand underneath how huge it is and it is brown not black which I always thought it was.

We also took a bus tour around the city which was a welcome relief to the poor sore feet.  Not so good though being jet lagged, I almost fell asleep as the bus drove around.

We ate great food and drank yummy champagne (as one does while on holiday!)  A beautiful time was had.

Now off to Germany...Not long till our final destination.  Hang in there with me won't you?  It will be fun.

Au Revoir! 


Friday, 5 September 2014

Next chapter...

Hi There,
Right...I really need to get on and get these blogs written.  I have so much to show and tell you all.

Three days after my Nan's funeral we (the family of four) flew out on our OE.
It was a such an emotional roller coaster of a week that by the time we left I was exhausted.  It was incredibly hard leaving my Mum.

As hard as it was life has to continue and so off we went.

First stop...Melbourne with a two hour stopover then a 17 hour flight to Dubai then another two hour stopover then a seven hour flight to London.  My little travellers were pretty good except one suffered from motion/air sickness. I am not sure what you call it but it wasn't nice.  I learnt something about him on that flight.  He loves planes just not being in them!


So after 27 or so hours on a plane we arrived in London...squeals!  We hit the ground running literally as we only had 3 days in London before we raced off to Paris.

Day one saw Oldest Littlie (OL) come down with a tummy bug.  Not a great way to start the holiday.  So Littlest Littlie (LL) and myself left Hubby and OL in apartment and we went exploring.

First ever trip on the tube.  What a brilliant way to travel.  So efficient except when it rains and the Piccadilly platform gets over crowded.  But still fantastic.

LL and myself took a visit to The National History Museum.  WOW! What a beautiful building with way too much interesting stuff inside to look at.  We were ruthless though and only went to a few things.  Rock and minerals were high on the list as LL is very interested in these at the moment.  We tried to take a look at the dinosaurs but there were too many school groups in there and the jet lag was getting the better of us. Back on the tube and back to Kensington.  I was very impressed with my efforts in getting us back without getting lost.  I usually lack the ability to navigate correctly.

Such an old building...loved it

That evening OL made a very quick recovery so we trotted off to the London Eye.  I hate heights and that thing got me.  I was nervous the whole way around and couldn't wait to get off.  The Hubby and the kids LOVED IT though!  

Day Two saw us race off to the Tower of London.  This was one of the things I really wanted to see in London, desperately.  My favourite book is the Other Boleyn Girl by Phillipa Gregory.  I have a massive fascination with anything to do with The Tudors, Henry VIII and Elizabeth I. That whole period of English history I love, so actually finally being there was so surreal. I almost squealed out loud.  My kids were very accommodating as we walked around it for about three hours taking it all in, reading EVERYTHING and enjoying the history of it all.  It was just amazing.  

The afternoon was spent walking (some more) to Tower Bridge and then we went on a cruise (our feet were very sore) on the Thames River.  The commentary was funny and interesting.

Day Three we walked some more along The Mall to Buckingham Palace. It would have been neat to go in and have a look around.  I wonder what it is like inside? Even with all the tourists around it was still great to see.  Must be a noisy place to live though with all that traffic and tourists outside.

After we sat and stared hoping (like all tourists) to see the Queen we headed back to a cute little pub called Sherlock Pub for light refreshments.

Our last morning before we caught the Eurostar, Hubby took us all to the London Dungeon.  OH MY GOODNESS that place was scary.  It was great to hear about London's history but people jumping out at you unexpectedly was not good on the nerves.  I held on to LL very tightly.  I was quietly relieved when it was over.

London was an amazing city to visit.  Three days didn't do it justice.  I will have to come back someday and have a better look around, not just London but the whole of England I think.  I would love to hire a camper van next time and pootle around and see it all.

Next stop...Paris.

L xx