Saturday, 29 March 2014

Crochet Annoyance

Hi There,
Lately my crochet endeavours have been appalling!

A few years ago I bought some chunky wool in a lovely purple/pink colour.  I got inspired to make myself something warm and delicious.  The first project (I wish I had taken photos) was a vest type shawl.  It looked like a shawl with armholes.  Once I made it, my husband thought I looked like a tyre!  Hmmf!! So unraveled it was. Next was a rehash of the vest shawl that was longer and bigger and still it looked terrible. So in disgust I threw the purple/pink chunky wool into my craft room and there it sat tormenting me.  Recently I got all fired up "this wool is not going to beat me", "how dare it!" So I dragged it out, went on Ravelry found a great, very simple vest. Did a gauge (all good crocheters do apparently).  Found the appropriate hook and off I went.  I went along happily until a thought started to pester me "perhaps this is too big?" "No, its fine, you made the gauge it is right keep going.."   So I did till this point.

I put it on and swear I could fit another half of me inside!  HOW?!!  How can the gauge be so wrong?  Even now after unravelling it AGAIN I don't know what happened.  So I have decided to take off a few stitches and see what happens next.  I am telling you now, if this doesn't work I'm passing the wool onto someone else.  I AM ALMOST OVER IT!!

And then there is the cowl.  WHAT HAPPENED THERE?!!  How did I not see the massive twist in it until I finished?  So because it annoyed me WAY TOO MUCH I unravelled this too and started again.  Grr!!

So for the past week I have been fixing the cowl grudgingly.  Lots of Mad Men has been watched though.  Almost finished, then I can move on to fixing the vest.  Then perhaps I might make something small, quick and satisfying before I take on another big project.  Remember there still is the blue blanket...

So sorry for the crochet rant. I am hoping your crafty week has been a little better than mind.

On a happier note...POPPIES  814 of them now to be exact!  Delicious! 

My littlest's contribution

That cheered me up.

Have a great creative weekend everyone.

Friday, 14 March 2014

Calm before the Storm

Hi There,
She is on her way Cyclone Luci.  Tonight is when it all begins.  Loads of rain and wind.  Garden is so dry it needs a water but I am not sure how it will cope with it all.  

Photo taken from NZ Herald

Photo of Auckland's skyline this morning looks like a massive WARNING for us. You know the old saying 'red sky in the morning shepherd's warning'.  So should I be off getting stocked up and ready for this storm? What would I need?  We joke about it, if anything went wrong we would head to Mother-in-laws place.  She's our civil defence place.  She has enough food and drink to feed us all for months!  Only if we can get there.  I shouldn't joke about this as the poor people in Christchurch must not be looking forward to this as they just got flooded last week and I guess they are still recovering from that only to have more rain hit this weekend.  I just hope it isn't as bad as the weather forecasters are saying and that everyone is safe.  I think we can safely say after this weekend that will be it for the nice Summery weather.

So I think there will be loads of movies watched, board games played, baking to be had.  Not to mention crocheting up a storm (sorry about the terrible pun!)  It will be snuggly.

Last night was Cubs night.  Which saw the family venture out to Cornwallis Wharf for a spot of fishing.  The week early our eldest lovely had made a sort of fishing rod with wire, hook, sinker all rolled onto a piece of wood.  He was so excited to get out there and "catch a snapper".

After an hour and a half, loads of bites and patience but no catch he yells "that was the best fun ever!"
So great family night out!

Cubs fishing

Where ever you are and whatever you do stay safe this weekend.
Take care,

Friday, 7 March 2014


Hi There,
Well this week saw a cold snap descend on us here.  Along with a lovely head cold. It truly felt like Autumn had arrived but today has redeemed itself with blue skies and sunshine.

Having a head cold, working and being a Mum has been hard this week.  Most days I would have liked to have curled up on the couch with a cuppa and a movie but unfortunately there wasn't any time for that!  So I am hoping that, that is all the bugs I will getting this Winter (please?)

I do enjoy this time of year.  The blue skies, crisp mornings that turn into lovely warm days...LOVE IT!!  I think I am definitely a Winter girl.  I love to rug up.  I have made a few yummy scarves this year which I am looking forward to wearing.  Not to mention putting on winter pj's at 4pm and snuggling under the heat pump...Bliss!

Anyway before the Winter weather comes I should really finish these projects.

Little lovelies new winter scarf

The vest

The never ending blue blanket

Only three on the go.  Not too bad?
Maybe I should go and do a little or vacuum?  Hmmm...

Happy crafting,

Monday, 3 March 2014

Playing Catch Up

Hi There,
Golly it has been a little too long between posts.  Life has been a little busy here.
Good busy though.

Delights that have brightened my letterbox

The poppy project has taken off even more, with exceptional individuals jumping on board and helping me.  Poppies have also been arriving which is just so lovely.  We still have a little way to go with only 245 poppies so far.  But I am convinced we will do it now.  With 187 members on Facebook I think we can.  So I am busily emailing people organising craft afternoon teas, emailing patterns to crafters, looking for a venue after the local war museum didn't want it, after chasing them for four months. I was a little sadden and disappointing they didn't want to get involved.  But now I just need to get on and find an alternative. At one point this project started to feel like a full time job but now it has slowed down a little.  It gives me a chance to breathe.

Another busy time for me was making my best friend of 30 years wedding cake as well as my dress.  
Ready ...
For a look ...

The cake was made up of chocolate mud cake with chocolate ganache on the bottom, the middle was a banana cake with lemon butter cream icing and the top was carrot cake with vanilla buttercream icing.  All were then covered in white fondant and hand made hydrangea flowers.  Phew!  It was a big job but so worth it.  My best friend and her husband love it, which made my day.  

My dress I made was divine!  I loved it!  It was so comfy and light on a very hot Summer afternoon.

The pattern was one I have had for awhile, Retro Butterick 5748 and the fabric was from Spotlight.  Then a nice navy ribbon tied in a bow to finish it off along with lots of bling of coarse! Hair was literally pinned up in 5mins as we were running very late.  So much for a leisurely time getting ready with bubbles.  I think I had a shower, put make up on and did the hair in half an hour.  Crazy!  The wedding was amazing on the local beach.  But please remember if you are ever going to a beach wedding wear jandals not dress shoes in the sand - not a good idea.  Blisters arrived and made for a very ouchy night of dancing.   But nothing a bit of wine couldn't fix! It was such a fantastic weekend away just hubby and I.  We managed a nice bike ride and one last Summer swim before the weather turns.

Talking about weather.  I do laugh a little reading some of my favourite blogs from the Northern Hemisphere and how you are all waiting for Summer to arrive and here I am in the Southern Hemisphere waiting for Winter.  I do like 'rugging up', wearing my boots and drinking loads more tea. I do love to hibernate!

But I thought you Northern Hemisphere folks might like some sunshine.  So I am sending some your way...

L xx