Sunday, 11 January 2015


Hi There,
Over the years I have collected many pieces of scrap fabric from finished sewing projects and bits that I have just liked 'because'.  

So after having this idea rattling around in my mind for about a year, I decided very quickly that I would cut up all those bits of fabric and make a patchwork blanket. Now I must confess that I am not a quilter!  I consider myself a novice and slightly useless at it.  But none the less I gave it a go.  I didn't know how all the crazy colours would go together and even if it would work.  

Work in progress

I made two sides that were very random, slightly crocked in places just by overlocking all the pieces together.  All the quilters out there would probably gasp at my roughness in putting it together but I didn't have time to ponder making it look pretty as long as it stayed together I was happy.

Once both sides were made I went to my happy place - SPOTLIGHT - and bought some bias binding and cotton batting.  I then put all three bits together and trimmed it with the bias binding.  Pretty quick - two and a half days later I had a patchwork blanket.

And to be honest... I LOVE IT!!  I love the quirkiness of it.  I love the colours and it makes me smile.  It goes so well with the two resident couch blankets.


I accidentally bought too much batting and I still have loads of scraps left so I thought I could make another.  Why not?  Still three weeks of holidays to go...



  1. Lisa I LOVE this I am at the same stage ...pondering all my scraps and planning a simple quilt...again like you I am not a quilter but you have inspired me to have a go...Loving your blog too...bestest
    Daisy j xxx

    1. Thanks Daisy for your comments. I look forward to reading your journey into making your own scrap fabric quilt.

  2. Such a beautiful, beautiful quilt Lisa - I love it too ! Kate xx

  3. Hi Kate,
    Thank you for your lovely comment.