Friday, 27 September 2013


Hi There,
Relief is the word that springs to mind this week.

Relief that the dear America's Cup that has gripped the country for the past I don't know how many weeks, has now finished and we can all get back to 'normal' life.  Sadness though as we lost.

Relief also that term three is done and dusted.  Me (a primary school teacher) and the little lovelies (primary school kiddies) can rest to our hearts content.  No more early morning starts!  We can wear our p.j's till noon if we feel the need.  Oh the excitement!

I will now have time to crochet too.  I have been so busy working lately that my creative side has been neglected.  I hate that feeling you get when you haven't picked up some delicious yarn and a hook and created something new for awhile.  I do start to get a little cranky.  So school holidays are a great time to get on and create.

I might even dust off the sewing machines and make me something. A dress maybe. Something summery and flowery I feel. Hmmm... something to ponder.

Someone else has got me pondering other ideas too.  I was just over at Hettie Brown's blog.  I have decided I also want to collect barkcloth (fabrics look divine!) and have a go at making a vintage looking blanket. What she has made is so delicious,  I WANT ONE!   I wonder if I can find barkcloth in New Zealand?  Oh I love the holidays because ideas start a flowing.

I better go and embark on my two week cram fest of creative goodness...
I hope the next two weeks allow you a chance to get creative too.


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