Sunday, 8 September 2013

5000 Poppies Update

Hi There,
So it is official.  The New Zealand satellite group for the 5000 poppies project is now up and running.
I am still a little freaked out about the prospect of trying to pull this off. But I will give it my best shot.

I am now up to three crocheted and one knitted poppy.  Slow start I know but once I get flyers out there it may pick up.  If not I think I will be making them all myself. That's only 263 a month or 65 a week or 9 a day.  That is achievable right?

I do have a plan though.

1.         To write to the 419 women's sections of the R.S.A explaining my ambitious plan and hope that the lovely ladies will jump on board and crochet/knit to their hearts content.

2.         To write to the Auckland War Memorial Museum and hope they too jump on board and allow 5000 poppies to be displayed on the top floor of the Museum where all the names of fallen soldiers and war displays are.

3.        To send out flyers to all yarn stores and knitting/crocheting groups in New Zealand to again see it they would be happy to contribute.

I hope now you can see why I might be freaking out just a little bit at this task.

And now a plea from me to you...

If you are reading this and are a keen crocheter or knitter or someone who is keen to give something new a go for a good cause please please please go to the link below and print off the pattern and go go go for it.

NB:  The address on the pattern and submission form is incorrect as it still has the Australian address printed.  It should read:

Lisa Wallace
1 Saunders Place
Avondale 1026
New Zealand

I truly wholeheartedly would appreciate it.


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