Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Family Additions

Hi There,
This post has taken a little while to put together.  The new additions had to be wrangled into position.  Then my little assistant had to 'fluff' around with props until it was 'just right'.
So without further ado... 
I would like to introduce Quincy and Quentin Quack.

Assistant's photo

Two delightful little duckies I whipped up, in between grumbling about my pink cot blanket.  Which by the way is now sitting under the crochet table waiting patiently to be finished.  I just keep getting distracted! 

Back to Quincy and Quentin. I found the pattern from Itsy Bitsy Spider blog.  They were so much fun and my two lovelies have had hours of fun playing with them.  My littlest lovely has even made him a nest on the end of her bed "so he can be safe."
I love it.

Also, I would like to introduce Owly and Owlo.

Owly on the right, Owlo on left
Another quick fun project I found at Daisy Cottage blog.  I did change the design a little as I didn't want the owls to have legs.  I wanted them to be more like a pillow, easier to snuggle.  After making Owly I decided to make the ears differently on Owlo.  I made them more longer and pointer which I think works better. 

Also instead of stuffing straight into Owlo I made a little black bag which I stuffed then put inside the crocheted shell.  This means the white stuffing doesn't show through and it sits better.

My littlest lovely (The Assistant) picked the colours.  Why black you might ask? I am not sure but as the crocheter I just do as I am told! I wanted bright yellows, blues and reds...sigh... I will have to make one for myself one day all girlie with LOADS of flowers...One day. Perhaps when the pink cot blanket is finished.

Both ducks and owls were super fast to do and have satisfied my craving to finish something QUICK!

After that little break I might just continue on making some little hats before I tackle the pink cot blanket.


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