Tuesday, 11 February 2014


Hi There,
It is a nice coolish day today so I feel I should be out in the garden tidying it up a little but then I also want to crochet.  TOO MANY CHOICES! So instead I thought I would write a 'quick' blog about my crazy week.

The last week has flown by in a poppy frenzy!  The Facebook 5000 Poppies NZ group has exploded to 138 members.  Which is just fantastic.  I did however spend a lot of time on Facebook welcoming everyone to the group...Now I sit and wait for the poppies to start arriving.  

Then I managed to get myself into the local paper.  Which was surprisingly fun.  I was nervous and a bit scared to be doing it at first as it was way out of my comfort zone. I kept telling myself though that it is for a really good cause and the word about what we are doing needed to get out there so more wonderful people could be involved.  So a lovely reporter came over and we chatted and took some photos and on Friday last week there I was on the front cover!  Unbelievable really.

I was also emailing information to a graphic designer who is making us flyers so we can spread the word even more.  RSA's are also now involved.  This project has exploded!!

My next step is to sort the venue for displaying our project and organise a little craft afternoon tea where people can come along for a cuppa, cake and poppy making. The latter will be fun as I will be able to meet some of the crafters who have chosen to get involved. OH and eat cake and crochet.  Bliss!

My big reveal of what I have made lately is still waiting to be finished but here is a little peak...

Happy crafting everyone,

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Summer Holiday...Over!

Hi There,

Well that's it.  Summer holiday is now over.
I have sent the little lovelies off to school with packed lunches and all is very quiet here.
What to do next?

I am sure it won't take me long to fill the spaces quickly with lots of crafty projects.
I actually have one to show you in a few days and it isn't crocheted!  Gasp!

Not to mention there is one triathlon I need to start training for.  Slightly crazy you might think but I quite like having something to work towards as I wouldn't exercise otherwise. I usually struggle to get out there.  The housework, crafting and eating cake always gets in the way.  However if I make the effort to put on my gear and go and do some, I quite enjoy it.  So this is one of my little goals for the year - TO COMPLETE A TRIATHLON.  I know a little while ago I wrote about resolutions and doing things that make me happy.  I am hoping that with this triathlon it will be the case.

Poppy Project has taken off.  In two weeks we have grown from 15 members to 110! I am blown away and so pleased that so many people have become involved with this amazing worthwhile project.  I now wait for all the delicious poppies to start arriving.

I also had an interview with the local paper yesterday which was a whole lot of fun. More than I thought it would be!  The reporter was so lovely and friendly which made it easy to get my points across.  It was so much fun I wouldn't mind doing it again.  I feel more fired up about the project now.  It feels like it has gained momentum and it will happen.  I am very happy!

I am off to finish my non crocheted thing and hopefully show you tomorrow.

Take care,