Monday, 28 September 2015


Hi There,
It has been a little while since I blogged.  Nearly two months!  Not good.  As a lot of you know life can get a little crazy, a little busy and days all seem to mould into one. But now it is the school holidays again and I can sit quietly and let my thoughts run free.

So what have I been up to in the last eight or so weeks.  How about some photos?

August/September creations

I have made a few things in amongst the busyness of everyday life.  Just little quick projects as distractions from the 'never ending blanket' saga that still is taking a little while.  I think I am almost over half way in getting it all joined together though.  End of school holidays having it all joined would be great.  Oh what a challenge!! Mmmmm...we will see.

Also during the term I have been working part time as a relief teacher but since I was there most days it became full-time.  I enjoy it, pays for the yarn obsession.  Glad for the little break though as I get to hang out with my two little lovelies.  Lots of movie watching, playdates, slothing around in pj's...bliss!

Day three of the far it's been great.  I managed to spend the whole weekend in the garden.  It was pure bliss.  I didn't realise just how much I missed and enjoyed being out there.  It topped my soul up with happiness.  Now all I need to do is fill it with yummy crops for the Summer.

Now I can tick that off the list.  

Next sewing.  Another thing I have missed in the busyness is making stuff for me.  So I have found two fabrics and patterns that I want to tackle in the next two weeks. Fingers crossed I at least get the blue one made. Watch this space.

So it's almost 10am...better go have a shower.  See so slothy!

Have a great week.

Thursday, 6 August 2015


Hi There,

For a long time I have been wanting to make myself a terrarium after a friend of mine had given me a very large glass fish bowl that I thought would be perfect for just this and since they are all the rage at the moment - why not!

Then the poor fish bowl sat there on top of the cupboard collecting dust for many a day until FINALLY I got committed.

After a trip to the plant store for plants, the pet shop for charcoal and the discount 'we have everything' store for the stones we (myself and the kidlets were ready).

Our terrariums are layered in this way from the bottom:
  • Pebbles
  • Shells
  • Charcoal
  • Sphagnum moss (wet)
  • Potting mix (messy part)
  • Plants
  • Pebbles for extra decoration plus any other decorations you might like: dinosaurs, mushrooms, miniature toys...

As usual I forget to take the process shots so you will all have to make do with the 'ta-dah!' finished product.

OL's terrarium effort

LL's terrarium effort

My efforts

We made three in the end and we are all very pleased with our first attempts.  It was great fun making a mess with the kidlets.  If I was to make them again though, I would put less of the layers in so the plants sat inside the bowl more.  Also, another tip I found out, make sure you put like plants with like.  For example don't put ferns and succulents together as they have different watering requirements. 

For those of you who are interested here is a link with instructions on HOW TO BUILD YOUR OWN TERRARIUM. 

Go have fun getting messy and adding a little bit of green to your indoors.

Take care,

P.S...I think I have Christmas pressies sorted for the family!

Monday, 27 July 2015


Hi There,

It isn't easy sticking to the end on this 'never ending' blanket journey.
I have had many a distraction along the way.
Imps, scarfs, giraffes, dolls, hats, bags, more dolls, dinosaurs...OH the list goes on.

Kokeshi Doll - Post to come
Gerard - Post to come
Winter scarf for a friend

But I think I am almost there.

Well, the crocheting part.  323 squares later.  This number has been revised many a time but it has been settled 323 squares are more than enough.

So next comes the endless job of stitching in all the ends.  I know I should have done them along the way but I just got carried away crocheting, that's the fun part right?

As of today, this is where I am at...

All nicely spread out, taking up the whole lounge floor.  The 'crochet cat' has moved in to keep guard.  Nice!

So off I go...323 ends to be stitched in...

See you all soon...if I make it!

Take care,

Tuesday, 30 June 2015


Hi There,
I have got my spark back with the 'never ending blanket'.  I got all 267 little squares out and laid them on the bed to take a look and to see if I was getting close to finishing.

Good news... I only 133 squares to go.  Almost there!  Yes!
Shouldn't take long?... Surely? 4 a night... it should be done by end of July, then just a quick stitch up of ends and connect them together.  Going to be done by Christmas. Promise!


I will keep you posted.  

Saturday, 27 June 2015

A Little Wintery

Hi There,
This post is a little late...I started writing it Monday, then week got crazy busy and before you know it, it is the weekend again! So sorry a little delayed but here goes...

Last weekend saw the place where we live have a massive general clean up.  It was great to cut back all the over grown trees and sweep away the leaves.  It was also lovely to meet all the neighbours again.

Last weekend also saw amazing, crazy and bitterly cold weather descend on us.  The lower North Island is in flood and the South Island is blanketed in snow.  It is feeling like Winter now but the great news is we are past the shortest day so we will be getting more daylight slowly - that much closer to the warmer months.  I prefer the Winter months myself.  Hibernating, snuggling, eating hearty dinners and pudding, wearing layers and slippers.  LOVE IT!  I struggle with the heat in Summer.  I do like going for swims though. Not something you would do in Winter...BRR!!

Also in these wintery months it is a great time to get crocheting.  Last week saw me make a few scarves.  I finished making LL a VERY BRIGHT scarf.  She has a fantastic eye for colour and picked an amazing colour combo.

It ended up being a snuggly cowl.

Yarn used: Stylecraft Special DK:
Emperor (1425)
Plum (1061)
Magenta (1084)
Pomegrante (1083)
Matador (1010)
Fiesta (1257).
I used a 4.5mm hook.

To start: chain 150 join chain with a slip stitch.
Row 1: chain 2, dc around.  Join with a slip stitch into beginning dc.
Row 2: chain 4, 1 treble, ch 1, 1 treble, ch 1,...continue around then slip stitch into beginning treble.
Row 3: chain 3, 2 treble around then slip stitch into beginning treble.
Row 4-19: chain 3, 2 treble around then slip stitch into beginning treble.
Change colour after every round or make up your own colour pattern.  Anything goes!


If you do have a go at this pattern let me know what you think and please let me know if there are things that need changing.  I should learn to write the pattern down as I make things so writing it up later is a little easier.  Another lesson learnt.

Another project that finally got finished were the hearts I made for birthday gifts.  So sweet and easy and pattern can be found over at Attic24.  I also made one at the beginning of this blogging journey.  See here.

So this week will see me finish the gift for a baby shower and...
Yes!  The never ending blanket is seeing the light of day again.  I am going to make a real effort and get it done.  I am over half way making the squares so it shouldn't take that long, surely!

Have a great weekend.

Monday, 15 June 2015

Scarfing Mad!

Hi There,
Weather here over the weekend was a bit muddled.  Rain, cloud and sunshine all made an appearance not to mention the cold South Westerly...Brr!!
So a lot of time was spent inside under the yummy heat pump.

Last weekend in Wellington I bought a new top and while I was wearing it on Friday I decided it needed a scarf.  Why not...
Just something else to stop me from finishing all the other little projects I have on the go.

So colours were chosen.  Nothing flash or too expensive, just my faithful Stylecraft Special DK in parchment (1218), black (1002), lime (1712) and midnight (1011).   I love it when an idea comes into my head and I go hunting in the cupboard and actually find what I am looking for.  No time is wasted waiting for a delivery from Deramores.  I can get on and enjoy creating.

With Rose in hand and hook in the other I set to and started creating.  I started with a 200 chain then sc back to give the base I needed.  I decided I might try a new stitch and so after a little hunting I settled on the the granite stitch aka the moss stitch from mooglyblog. Quite a simple stitch really.  No real thought or counting needed.  So simple for a Friday night.

By Saturday it had grown quite considerately.  Having added the parchment in at the last minute I think helped to break the darkness of it all.  It was nice just going around and around not counting.  Lovely mindless creating.  BLISS!!

By Sunday, all done!

Possibly a little snug.  It may stretch? A lesson was learnt.  When stitches are small and close together not much stretch goes on whereas another scarf I made in trebles tended to have a lot more stretch.  Maybe if I was to make this again I might do 250 chain to start.

So now I have the scarf bug and am in the process of making a scarf for LL.  Rather bright for the Winter months don't you think?

It looks like the never ending blanket will never end...

Take care,

Monday, 8 June 2015

Weekend Catch Up

Hi There,
What a fantastic weekend I have had!
Once a year Hubby has a conference in Wellington he attends and I get to tag along, leave the kiddies with Mother-in-law and escape the everyday grind of life and have a wee break.

It is a great chance to have some 'quiet time' to myself and I always come back relaxed and happy.

So this weekend saw me do oodles of walking in the brisk cool sunshine along with LOADS of shopping. BLISS!

Wellington Waterfront  

I also got to catch up with a very dear friend who has been going through some health scares.  It was lovely to see her.  It put my mind at ease to see that she was getting better.  She is such a lovely person.  So full of life, bubbly, crazy lady who always puts a smile on my face.  We had an absolute ball at Martha's kitchen enjoy the spoils with cute little floral lady cups and tea cosy pots of tea.

Then on to silly amounts of girlie shopping then to top it all off...BUBBLES.


Local rowing club - Wellington Waterfront

Wellington Waterfront

 Sculptures at Te Papa Museum

Beehive - Parliament 

Great weekend.

I hope you all had a nice one too and got to see some sunshine.

Take care,

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Blog Catch up

Hi There,
While Hubby is on a bike ride and isn't hogging the computer I thought I would jump on and show you what I have been up to.

The never ending blanket.  *Sigh*

Yes...It is still on the hook and slowly getting made.  But as much as I try and stay committed to getting it finished other little projects pop into my head that have to be created.  

Example... Dolls...

 Lovely Lottie

Maxi - Maybe?

Littlest Lovelie's birthday doll-No name as yet

AWWWWW!!!  Aren't they cute?!
I have found it very hard to part with these creations especially Maxi with her crazy hair and apple headband.  I am thinking I may need to make my own.  There I go getting distracted again.  I...MUST...STOP!  I wonder if there is support groups out there for us crocheters that get easily distracted? Or another group for us who have way too many WIP?  Hazard of the job me feels. Good hazard though.

Another distraction - STAR WARS!  Yep...Easily distracted by shiny new ideas. What can I say.

For a long time I have been oohing and aahing over Lucyravenscar and her crochet amigarumi. She makes these amazing Star Wars creations and I have been waiting patiently for her to publish a crochet book with them all in there.  Finally she did it.

Of course I had to buy it as I have MANY friends who are very keen on getting their hands on these creations.  So along with the blanket and doll making I have also added Star War creations to the WIP pile.

These will end up being gifts to some lovely little friends who are fans.

And so this is the next WIP...

Then I will stop getting distracted and get back to the never ending blanket...
I start these...

I will keep you posted on my rehab!