Tuesday, 19 January 2016

New Year...time to get organised

Hi There,
Happy Happy New Year Everyone.

Again it has been far too long since I have been here and frankly I am a little sick of it.  I have over the past four months made some great things and have yet to share.  So one of my many new years resolutions is to blog what I have been up to at least once every two weeks.  I'm thinking that is doable and it may make me get into a better routine.

Speaking of routine and getting more organised I am on the look out for a good weekly planner. It must have a 'to do' box so I can write my many cleaning, gardening and crafty jobs I would like to get done in the day/week and it also needs a box for my meal plans.  This is another area I need to get under control again as I had let it slip in 2015 and the meals tend to be rather rushed and boring.

So that is the plan.  Resolution number 1.

I am a little late starting all of this... I realise...17 days late in fact.  Others I see are well on their way to being organised but over Christmas/New Year period here in NZ it is the summer holidays and we went off on a little family adventure.  So no time to think about the coming year until now.   

Resolution number 2...To finish the many crafty things I started at the end of last year.  One especially 'the never ending blanket'.  It is so close to being finished I just got a little too hot underneath it during summer.  So I'm just waiting for a cooler day then it will be all finished and ready for it's TA-DAH moment.  Can't wait.  Also I have another very cool and quick blanket I made last year, very spur of the moment that needs to be shared also.  Oh I can't wait.  So much yumminess to share. I also want to finish a few christmas decorations for this year ready to be handed out when the time comes.  Early I know.    But I am trying to be organised remember.

Resolution number 3...To finish or more like start to paint some interior walls.  This has been on my to do list for years.  Every year I clean the walls, get them ready then I get busy and they get forgotten.  So this is the year.  The shoebox we live in is 16 years old now so it needs a little freshening up.  My fingers are crossed also for a new lounge suite.  This has been on my wish list for awhile.  I wonder when hubby asks what I want for my birthday a lounge suite wouldn't be too much of a stretch? I will test it out soon.

So not a lot to achieve in the year then...

Until next time...hopefully tomorrow...

Take care,