Monday, 8 September 2014


Hi There,

Paris, oh Paris you would have been even prettier if only the sun had come out.
It was like Winter when we were there.  I am not sure where the Summer was.

But not even rain and a very cold wind could keep us from seeing the sights.  I dragged the Littlie Lovlies and Hubby though The Louvre.  I gave myself two hours and planned what I wanted to see and so went home very happy.  I tried not to go too camera happy in there opting for a more 'enjoy the moment' kind of attitude.  Even with ALL the other tourists in there is was still breathtaking.  I think the other members of the family enjoyed it too.

The Oldest Lovely was desperate to see the Eiffel Tower and he got his wish.  Boy is that tower huge!  You don't realise until you stand underneath how huge it is and it is brown not black which I always thought it was.

We also took a bus tour around the city which was a welcome relief to the poor sore feet.  Not so good though being jet lagged, I almost fell asleep as the bus drove around.

We ate great food and drank yummy champagne (as one does while on holiday!)  A beautiful time was had.

Now off to Germany...Not long till our final destination.  Hang in there with me won't you?  It will be fun.

Au Revoir! 


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  1. What an amazing trip you are having Lisa - it sounds like you are making the most of every single minute. Enjoy Germany !
    Kate x