Monday, 22 September 2014


Hi There,

After a few hours on the TGV (fastest train I have ever been on) we arrived in Frankfurt.
We didn't stay long as we were on a major mission to get to Poppenhausen which was about and hour and a half away from Frankfurt.

Why Poppenhausen you might ask?  We were picking up a glider and car to take to Poland?  Again why (some people have asked)? As it must have seemed slightly strange for a family of four from New Zealand to travel ALL THAT WAY for a holiday in Poland.

Well... Let me explain.  Hubby had been chosen to represent New Zealand in the World Gliding Championship in Leszno, Poland and so the Little Lovelies and myself decided to tag along.

What an amazing experience!

It is hard to put into words and pictures just what it was like.  It was amazing, it was fantastic...all those good words (and more!) Spending six weeks in the Northern Hemisphere during Summer was a very clever thing to do.  Getting away from the rain and wind was nice.  Getting some sun in Poland was a treat.

Being away from home made me realise just how young historically New Zealand is compared to the rest of the world and how lucky we are way down here.

I also learnt that as a family we travel incredibly well together.  There weren't too many tears and tantrums over ice cream...
I can not wait for the next adventure.  I have the travel bug now.


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