Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Show and Tell

Hi There,
This post has been a long time coming and you will see why shortly...
It may also be the longest post ever because since I have been back from our wee Summer break I have made quite a few crochet goodies which I can't wait to show you.

First up...


Just for my Dad for his birthday yesterday.

I made it extra big so he can have his Grandad naps on the couch while watching the rugby.

What I have learnt making this blanket is that I need to plan and think about my design a little more before I charge into the crocheting. The blanket started as a square and then I realised a square blanket won't be the right shape for one to snuggle under so half way through I added a few rows to two ends to make it into a rectangle. Then continued around to finish it off.

What I ended up with was a rather random collection of rows.  But I do like it.  I like the 'earthy' tones which describes my Dad well as he loves to garden and raise chickens and anything else that takes his fancy.


Pattern:  My own
Hook:  4.5mm
Yarn:  Stylecraft Special DK (purchased from Deramores) in Copper, Green, Khaki, Midnight, Walnut, Denim, Meadow and Camel.
Time to make:  Months in front of heat pump and TV.

He is loving it.  We are having a very cold Spring here in NZ.  It does not feel like it is heating up at all.  So a nice snuggly blanket is just what he needs.  It made me feel good to make something special and useful just for him.


This sweet hippo was created quickly for a friend who had just had a baby.  She was fun to make as she was quick.  It has been very hard to part with her.  I know she will become a great companion for a little girl.


Pattern:  Knots of Rainbows
Hook: 3.75mm or use a bigger one for a bigger hippo.
Yarn:  Stylecraft Special DK in Grey, Silver and Saffron.
Time to make:  4 - 6 hours (roughly).


My niece LOVES 'Frozen'. So I thought for Christmas I would make Elsa and Anna for her.  I have done a fair bit of amigarumi and making of dolls so I thought "How hard can it be?"...Well...

Always read the instructions first so nothing sneaks up on you and COUNT carefully with NO interruptions (send the children away!) or else you will end up with a very alien looking doll.

Sigh...unpick and start again.  

I left Anna till last as I thought she would be tricky with all her different bits of clothing and embroidery.  But she was surprisingly easy.  Elsa was the tricky one. Her problem, apart from the messed up body, was the head.  When you decrease at the base of the head you tend to get large gaps between the stitches.  I have never liked this but figured that was the way crocheting amigarumi was.  But since looking around on the internet I have found there is a way to eleviate the gaps a little.  Who knew?!  I found over at Planet June a good technique.

Two finished dolls which have now gone to a new loving home.  New owner was very very happy with her present.


Pattern: Anna Doll Elsa Doll
Hook: 3.5mm
Yarn:  Stylecraft Special DK in so many colours.  See pattern for the colour palette.
Time to make:  12ish hours.


These two creatures started as a drawing by Little Lovely.

She is an incredible artist.  So detailed and descriptive.  She then pestered me to make them 'quickly!' One day I will teach her to crochet and she then can draw and create her own creations.  

Little Lovely 'staged' this photo


Pattern:  One off creation from the mind of LL.  Made up by Mum.
Hook: 4.5mm
Yarn:  Stylecraft Special DK in Green and Matador.
Time to make:  2 hours.


Sweet sweet Monkey.  He is the first I have made.  Lovely little fellow but I have put him away as I can not get attached to him as he will be someones christmas present very soon.


Pattern from:  Annaboos House
Hook used:  4.5mm
Yarn:  Stylecraft special DK in denim (monkey) and lime (scarf)
Time to make:  Many nights in front of the TV.  Probably though about 4 hours, give or take.

So that is Part 1 done.  Yes there is more!   I told you I have been busy.  But I figure we all need to take a break, grab a cuppa and do some more crocheting.  I need my crochet fix for the day.

I hope you all are having fun creating great things for others.

Take care,

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