Friday, 5 September 2014

Next chapter...

Hi There,
Right...I really need to get on and get these blogs written.  I have so much to show and tell you all.

Three days after my Nan's funeral we (the family of four) flew out on our OE.
It was a such an emotional roller coaster of a week that by the time we left I was exhausted.  It was incredibly hard leaving my Mum.

As hard as it was life has to continue and so off we went.

First stop...Melbourne with a two hour stopover then a 17 hour flight to Dubai then another two hour stopover then a seven hour flight to London.  My little travellers were pretty good except one suffered from motion/air sickness. I am not sure what you call it but it wasn't nice.  I learnt something about him on that flight.  He loves planes just not being in them!


So after 27 or so hours on a plane we arrived in London...squeals!  We hit the ground running literally as we only had 3 days in London before we raced off to Paris.

Day one saw Oldest Littlie (OL) come down with a tummy bug.  Not a great way to start the holiday.  So Littlest Littlie (LL) and myself left Hubby and OL in apartment and we went exploring.

First ever trip on the tube.  What a brilliant way to travel.  So efficient except when it rains and the Piccadilly platform gets over crowded.  But still fantastic.

LL and myself took a visit to The National History Museum.  WOW! What a beautiful building with way too much interesting stuff inside to look at.  We were ruthless though and only went to a few things.  Rock and minerals were high on the list as LL is very interested in these at the moment.  We tried to take a look at the dinosaurs but there were too many school groups in there and the jet lag was getting the better of us. Back on the tube and back to Kensington.  I was very impressed with my efforts in getting us back without getting lost.  I usually lack the ability to navigate correctly.

Such an old building...loved it

That evening OL made a very quick recovery so we trotted off to the London Eye.  I hate heights and that thing got me.  I was nervous the whole way around and couldn't wait to get off.  The Hubby and the kids LOVED IT though!  

Day Two saw us race off to the Tower of London.  This was one of the things I really wanted to see in London, desperately.  My favourite book is the Other Boleyn Girl by Phillipa Gregory.  I have a massive fascination with anything to do with The Tudors, Henry VIII and Elizabeth I. That whole period of English history I love, so actually finally being there was so surreal. I almost squealed out loud.  My kids were very accommodating as we walked around it for about three hours taking it all in, reading EVERYTHING and enjoying the history of it all.  It was just amazing.  

The afternoon was spent walking (some more) to Tower Bridge and then we went on a cruise (our feet were very sore) on the Thames River.  The commentary was funny and interesting.

Day Three we walked some more along The Mall to Buckingham Palace. It would have been neat to go in and have a look around.  I wonder what it is like inside? Even with all the tourists around it was still great to see.  Must be a noisy place to live though with all that traffic and tourists outside.

After we sat and stared hoping (like all tourists) to see the Queen we headed back to a cute little pub called Sherlock Pub for light refreshments.

Our last morning before we caught the Eurostar, Hubby took us all to the London Dungeon.  OH MY GOODNESS that place was scary.  It was great to hear about London's history but people jumping out at you unexpectedly was not good on the nerves.  I held on to LL very tightly.  I was quietly relieved when it was over.

London was an amazing city to visit.  Three days didn't do it justice.  I will have to come back someday and have a better look around, not just London but the whole of England I think.  I would love to hire a camper van next time and pootle around and see it all.

Next stop...Paris.

L xx

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