Tuesday, 9 December 2014


Hi There,
Life here in the craft cupboard has been a hectic one, which I see after reading back over a few posts is the story of my life really.  As much as I try to sit down and blog about all the great stuff I have made lately, everything else just gets in the way.

Something I want to make over the Summer Break
I thought December this year would be a slow amble to the end then start the Summer Holidays with the Little Lovelies with more slow ambling until Christmas.But alas this year like all the others it is FAST FULL STEAM AHEAD!  The main thing that has changed here is that I am full time working till the end of term which is great as it gives us extra funds for the super fun holiday we are about to have (in a few weeks).  But it does make for one very tired Mum.  Oh and a very disorganised house!  How do full time working Mums out there do it?  Keeping the house ticking over, dinners, lunches, cleaning, washing, working, after school or weekend sport...!!  I admire those women who have it all in order...Do they exist?   Maybe they have house cleaners.  Oh one of those would be nice even when I am not working then I could hide in my little craft cupboard and create!  Dreams are free.


Must dash now and put a load of washing on and make a yummy dinner - 'TACO TUESDAY'!  See we Mum's never stop!

Take care,

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