Monday, 15 June 2015

Scarfing Mad!

Hi There,
Weather here over the weekend was a bit muddled.  Rain, cloud and sunshine all made an appearance not to mention the cold South Westerly...Brr!!
So a lot of time was spent inside under the yummy heat pump.

Last weekend in Wellington I bought a new top and while I was wearing it on Friday I decided it needed a scarf.  Why not...
Just something else to stop me from finishing all the other little projects I have on the go.

So colours were chosen.  Nothing flash or too expensive, just my faithful Stylecraft Special DK in parchment (1218), black (1002), lime (1712) and midnight (1011).   I love it when an idea comes into my head and I go hunting in the cupboard and actually find what I am looking for.  No time is wasted waiting for a delivery from Deramores.  I can get on and enjoy creating.

With Rose in hand and hook in the other I set to and started creating.  I started with a 200 chain then sc back to give the base I needed.  I decided I might try a new stitch and so after a little hunting I settled on the the granite stitch aka the moss stitch from mooglyblog. Quite a simple stitch really.  No real thought or counting needed.  So simple for a Friday night.

By Saturday it had grown quite considerately.  Having added the parchment in at the last minute I think helped to break the darkness of it all.  It was nice just going around and around not counting.  Lovely mindless creating.  BLISS!!

By Sunday, all done!

Possibly a little snug.  It may stretch? A lesson was learnt.  When stitches are small and close together not much stretch goes on whereas another scarf I made in trebles tended to have a lot more stretch.  Maybe if I was to make this again I might do 250 chain to start.

So now I have the scarf bug and am in the process of making a scarf for LL.  Rather bright for the Winter months don't you think?

It looks like the never ending blanket will never end...

Take care,

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