Tuesday, 28 January 2014

5000 Poppies NZ Update

Hi There,

Way back in August last year I took on the challenge of setting up the 5000 poppies NZ satellite group.  I thought as New Zealanders we needed to represent NZ servicemen and women who have fought in various wars by crocheting, knitting or felting 5000 poppies in recognition of all that they sacrificed.  Simple task really...

Skip forward 5 months and it has been a very slow and some days very daunting project.  For awhile I felt very alone in this endeavour and never thought I would get people that weren't family on board.  THEN last Friday a lovely lady posted on her Facebook page about the project and I went from having 10 followers (mostly family) to 39 followers.  I was blown away.  Maybe, just maybe I (now we) can pull this off.  

Some examples of what has arrived here so far.

I am still however waiting on replies from the venue.  Once that is finalised we can move forward and start designing how we are going to display all these beautiful red poppies.

Also if you are new to my craft cupboard and want to join us in this project please go to:
We would love to have you.

And so now I wait...

And crochet a few more...


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  1. WOW ! amazing....I am adding your lovely blog to my faves....bestest Daisy j x