Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Blog Catch up

Hi There,
While Hubby is on a bike ride and isn't hogging the computer I thought I would jump on and show you what I have been up to.

The never ending blanket.  *Sigh*

Yes...It is still on the hook and slowly getting made.  But as much as I try and stay committed to getting it finished other little projects pop into my head that have to be created.  

Example... Dolls...

 Lovely Lottie

Maxi - Maybe?

Littlest Lovelie's birthday doll-No name as yet

AWWWWW!!!  Aren't they cute?!
I have found it very hard to part with these creations especially Maxi with her crazy hair and apple headband.  I am thinking I may need to make my own.  There I go getting distracted again.  I...MUST...STOP!  I wonder if there is support groups out there for us crocheters that get easily distracted? Or another group for us who have way too many WIP?  Hazard of the job me feels. Good hazard though.

Another distraction - STAR WARS!  Yep...Easily distracted by shiny new ideas. What can I say.

For a long time I have been oohing and aahing over Lucyravenscar and her crochet amigarumi. She makes these amazing Star Wars creations and I have been waiting patiently for her to publish a crochet book with them all in there.  Finally she did it.

Of course I had to buy it as I have MANY friends who are very keen on getting their hands on these creations.  So along with the blanket and doll making I have also added Star War creations to the WIP pile.

These will end up being gifts to some lovely little friends who are fans.

And so this is the next WIP...

Then I will stop getting distracted and get back to the never ending blanket...
I start these...

I will keep you posted on my rehab!

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