Saturday, 27 June 2015

A Little Wintery

Hi There,
This post is a little late...I started writing it Monday, then week got crazy busy and before you know it, it is the weekend again! So sorry a little delayed but here goes...

Last weekend saw the place where we live have a massive general clean up.  It was great to cut back all the over grown trees and sweep away the leaves.  It was also lovely to meet all the neighbours again.

Last weekend also saw amazing, crazy and bitterly cold weather descend on us.  The lower North Island is in flood and the South Island is blanketed in snow.  It is feeling like Winter now but the great news is we are past the shortest day so we will be getting more daylight slowly - that much closer to the warmer months.  I prefer the Winter months myself.  Hibernating, snuggling, eating hearty dinners and pudding, wearing layers and slippers.  LOVE IT!  I struggle with the heat in Summer.  I do like going for swims though. Not something you would do in Winter...BRR!!

Also in these wintery months it is a great time to get crocheting.  Last week saw me make a few scarves.  I finished making LL a VERY BRIGHT scarf.  She has a fantastic eye for colour and picked an amazing colour combo.

It ended up being a snuggly cowl.

Yarn used: Stylecraft Special DK:
Emperor (1425)
Plum (1061)
Magenta (1084)
Pomegrante (1083)
Matador (1010)
Fiesta (1257).
I used a 4.5mm hook.

To start: chain 150 join chain with a slip stitch.
Row 1: chain 2, dc around.  Join with a slip stitch into beginning dc.
Row 2: chain 4, 1 treble, ch 1, 1 treble, ch 1,...continue around then slip stitch into beginning treble.
Row 3: chain 3, 2 treble around then slip stitch into beginning treble.
Row 4-19: chain 3, 2 treble around then slip stitch into beginning treble.
Change colour after every round or make up your own colour pattern.  Anything goes!


If you do have a go at this pattern let me know what you think and please let me know if there are things that need changing.  I should learn to write the pattern down as I make things so writing it up later is a little easier.  Another lesson learnt.

Another project that finally got finished were the hearts I made for birthday gifts.  So sweet and easy and pattern can be found over at Attic24.  I also made one at the beginning of this blogging journey.  See here.

So this week will see me finish the gift for a baby shower and...
Yes!  The never ending blanket is seeing the light of day again.  I am going to make a real effort and get it done.  I am over half way making the squares so it shouldn't take that long, surely!

Have a great weekend.

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