Friday, 22 August 2014

My Nan

Hi There,
June started off beautifully but it ended rather sadly with my lovely Nan passing away.
She was 87 and she got her wish and passed peacefully in her sleep.
I am not quite sure what I can say really.  It is still rather raw and it doesn't feel real.
It is hard to think she isn't here anymore.

My Nan, my Mum and Me

She is missed dreadfully.

L xx

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  1. Hello Lisa, Its lovely to see you back in blogland, but I'm sad to hear of your loss. It takes time to absorb such things doesn't it ?
    I am quite in awe of all the amazing poppies - such an incredible project, quite breathtaking not only visually but in all it symbolises.
    Look after yourself,
    Kate x