Sunday, 20 April 2014

Easter Break

Hi There,

Life has been a little crazy lately. Easter break has come at the right time. I have completely stopped.

The family and myself escaped our shoebox home to stay at the beach for a few days. I even went for a swim in the ocean. So lovely.  Funny to be swimming in April when everything should be cooling down but yesterday you could have been mistaken that we were heading into Summer not Winter.  However today the rain has arrived back just to remind us that a jumper is needed.

So now we are home to unpack and repack and trot off to another beach (Tutukaka) for last minute frolic in the sand.  I can't wait.

Orewa Beach, North of Auckland

The last few weeks have been busy with the 5000 Poppy Project.  We have been asked to display in the WW100 display at the Uxbridge Centre, Howick in May.  So excited!  But then that meant we only had two weeks to be ready!  Panic set in for a few days.  How was I going to sew on poppies to hessian ready for the display?  But last weekend we put on an afternoon tea poppy making session at the Centre.  It was lovely meeting some of the people who have contributed to the display.  It was also great to have people helping sew the poppies for the display as it is a big job for one person. I think we have almost sewn 500 poppies.  It looks beautiful.  I will post photos once it is finished.  

We have now reached 1400 poppies which is so fantastic.  Incredible really just how much this project has touched people.  


Now we are in Easter/school holiday mode doesn't mean life is going to slow down. In the next two weeks I have to do the tri I have been madly training for, make a 30th birthday cake, finish poppy display, hang poppy display, attend WW100 exhibition. Fun stuff, nice stuff but all happening at once stuff.  I will have to stay organised and focused and 'just get it done'.  Then I can stop and breath and blog about it all.

Stay tuned!
L xx

Look close, Auckland Harbour Bridge and Sky Tower

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  1. Look at the colour of that sky! Happy Easter to you too! xx