Saturday, 29 March 2014

Crochet Annoyance

Hi There,
Lately my crochet endeavours have been appalling!

A few years ago I bought some chunky wool in a lovely purple/pink colour.  I got inspired to make myself something warm and delicious.  The first project (I wish I had taken photos) was a vest type shawl.  It looked like a shawl with armholes.  Once I made it, my husband thought I looked like a tyre!  Hmmf!! So unraveled it was. Next was a rehash of the vest shawl that was longer and bigger and still it looked terrible. So in disgust I threw the purple/pink chunky wool into my craft room and there it sat tormenting me.  Recently I got all fired up "this wool is not going to beat me", "how dare it!" So I dragged it out, went on Ravelry found a great, very simple vest. Did a gauge (all good crocheters do apparently).  Found the appropriate hook and off I went.  I went along happily until a thought started to pester me "perhaps this is too big?" "No, its fine, you made the gauge it is right keep going.."   So I did till this point.

I put it on and swear I could fit another half of me inside!  HOW?!!  How can the gauge be so wrong?  Even now after unravelling it AGAIN I don't know what happened.  So I have decided to take off a few stitches and see what happens next.  I am telling you now, if this doesn't work I'm passing the wool onto someone else.  I AM ALMOST OVER IT!!

And then there is the cowl.  WHAT HAPPENED THERE?!!  How did I not see the massive twist in it until I finished?  So because it annoyed me WAY TOO MUCH I unravelled this too and started again.  Grr!!

So for the past week I have been fixing the cowl grudgingly.  Lots of Mad Men has been watched though.  Almost finished, then I can move on to fixing the vest.  Then perhaps I might make something small, quick and satisfying before I take on another big project.  Remember there still is the blue blanket...

So sorry for the crochet rant. I am hoping your crafty week has been a little better than mind.

On a happier note...POPPIES  814 of them now to be exact!  Delicious! 

My littlest's contribution

That cheered me up.

Have a great creative weekend everyone.

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