Sunday, 12 January 2014

Holiday Pics Part II

Photos of Sister-in-laws garden

Hi There,
How are we today?
No sun here today, a little cool if you ask me.  Tomorrow + rain = MOVIE!

Enough about that, time to ramble on about the holiday.
One thing I have I liked about being home is all the home comforts you miss when you are away.  The comfy bed and couch, a washing machine that works and the toilet not being that far away!  Oh how I hated walking in the dark across wet grass to the communal toilets.  It was a little scary at 3 in the morning.



The second half of the holiday started with a very wet day.  But this didn't phase us. We set off to Te Aroha for lunch, a look around and a swim.

I fell in love with the quiet slow paced atmosphere.  Not to mention the old cute buildings.  I have a real soft spot for old historical buildings.  If I had the money and could convince Hubby to move into one I would be there in a heartbeat.  There is something about these buildings.  They have a soul and character, something a new home has to work on.  I LOVE THEM!  

I wanted to move into this one.

After massive amounts of 'oooing' and 'aaahing' we ran through the rain to the Te Aroha hot springs.
We hired a private spa for half hour with the littlies.  What a hoot!  They have never done something like this before.  It wasn't relaxing that is for sure as they were so excited, giggling and splashing about.  It was great to see them enjoying themselves though.  

Also while in Te Aroha I spotted this pink canna lily.  I never liked these plants but since planting a few in the garden they had gone NUTS!  So I have now fallen in love with them.  This hot pink one was in someone's garden and it looked amazing.  So I am now on a mission to find my own. 

After Te Aroha the rain cleared and this was the evening view.  All set for a beautiful next day.

The next day didn't disappoint. 28 degrees C.  So where else do you go when it is hot.

Yeap!  The beach.  Mount Maunganui.
It was so hot I actually went for a swim and boogie boarding.  I have never been on a boogie board before.  What a laugh and a lot of fun!  Poor littlies had to settle for castle building until mum gave back their boards.

Oldest littlie's symmetrical fort

The excellent day at the beach ended with Hubby winning the gliding day in his class. Clever man!

The rest of the holiday was spent relaxing back at the airfield, helping in the kitchen to prepare yummy food while chatting with the local ladies. The littlies spent their days ipading, reading, drawing, eating and running between clubroom and cabin. 

Hubby being towed up to those puffy clouds

Also a little bit of crocheting got done.  I am on a mission to finish the 'blue blanket' for my bed before winter.  Fingers crossed.  I will keep you posted.

It doesn't look like much at the moment but I promise it will.

So that is it.  Holiday complete.  Only two and half weeks to go till school starts.  A few trips to the beach are in store I think, if the weather stays nice.

Tomorrow, resolutions.
What are yours?


P.S... Almost forgot clever hubby won the National Gliding Championships in the 15m class.  All in all a great successful holiday.

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  1. Congratulations to your husband for winning the National Championship! We used to go to a lot of airshows when our kids were small, and just loved seeing all the various planes, many of them wartime vintage planes. We still visit air museums in our area. The beach looks fabulous, and a great way to spend an entire day. Wendy x