Monday, 13 January 2014

New Year...New Things

Hi There,
It is a great feeling, the beginning of a new year.  I love that feeling of potential.  This year has so much potential who knows what will come along.  Every year I like to look at my New Years craft project list from the year before and see what I have achieved and what I need to get on and finish.  Having this list stops me from forgetting anything and I can go back and tweak it when I need to. New Year = being organised.  My favourite thing.

For a long time my resolutions were simple 'I'm going the eat healthy and exercise' but as always I never stuck to it.  Excuses of work and family always got in the way.  So now I'm more of a 'I'm going to eat that slice of carrot cake with double cream cheese icing and I am going to enjoy every mouthful...and I may exercise if I feel like it' sort of person.  Believe me it is a lot more satisfying!

So these days my resolutions are more to do with what makes me happy.  Mostly relating to crafty things.  Last year I wanted to learn to use my camera better so I went and did an eight week photography course.  I loved it!  

I think this year I would like to join a photography group and perfect my skills in this medium.  I need to stop using my iPhone so much and experiment some more with my nice camera.

Another thing that has been on my project list for a long time is to find and recover a winged back chair.  I have a friend who found and recovered a few chairs and she has inspired my desire to do it too.  I have always loved winged back chairs.  Great for reading books in.  So 2014 I am going to try and find one!

Also on the craft list is:
*     Finish blue blanket for bed.  This may take awhile.
*     Make merino top.  I have fabric sitting there waiting.
*     Make littlest lovely a dress out of fabric she chose months ago.
*     Get 5000 poppy project off the ground.  More to come on this gem later.
*     Crochet purple poncho.  I have some beautiful wool that has been sitting around for ages just waiting for inspiration.
*     Start my felt store.  This may take awhile.
*     Make felt Christmas decoration.  Another project I keep putting off.
*     Finish woollen tapestry pillow.  Again, keep putting it off.

Ok 2014 may well end up being the year I finish off stuff.  This is going to be very hard when the crochet hook keeps calling me to make things.  How will I stay focused?

I think I need a cuppa, a slab of cake and some hooky time to ponder this dilemma.

Take care,

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