Thursday, 6 February 2014

Summer Holiday...Over!

Hi There,

Well that's it.  Summer holiday is now over.
I have sent the little lovelies off to school with packed lunches and all is very quiet here.
What to do next?

I am sure it won't take me long to fill the spaces quickly with lots of crafty projects.
I actually have one to show you in a few days and it isn't crocheted!  Gasp!

Not to mention there is one triathlon I need to start training for.  Slightly crazy you might think but I quite like having something to work towards as I wouldn't exercise otherwise. I usually struggle to get out there.  The housework, crafting and eating cake always gets in the way.  However if I make the effort to put on my gear and go and do some, I quite enjoy it.  So this is one of my little goals for the year - TO COMPLETE A TRIATHLON.  I know a little while ago I wrote about resolutions and doing things that make me happy.  I am hoping that with this triathlon it will be the case.

Poppy Project has taken off.  In two weeks we have grown from 15 members to 110! I am blown away and so pleased that so many people have become involved with this amazing worthwhile project.  I now wait for all the delicious poppies to start arriving.

I also had an interview with the local paper yesterday which was a whole lot of fun. More than I thought it would be!  The reporter was so lovely and friendly which made it easy to get my points across.  It was so much fun I wouldn't mind doing it again.  I feel more fired up about the project now.  It feels like it has gained momentum and it will happen.  I am very happy!

I am off to finish my non crocheted thing and hopefully show you tomorrow.

Take care,


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