Wednesday, 21 August 2013

5000 Poppies

Hi There,
One day while I was on Facebook a post popped up.  The post came from a group called 5000 Poppies and they are all about commemorating the 100th Anniversary of the ANZAC's setting foot at Gallipoli in 1915.

What this amazing group is going to do is get people to crochet, knit or felt 5000 poppies and display them in Federation Square in Melbourne in 2015. I thought this was such an amazing idea and I was VERY keen to make my contribution to the cause and send my poppies to Australia but then I got thinking.  If it is to commemorate the ANZAC's surely we should have something here in New Zealand too. Surely there should be a 5000 poppy display here. Then I decided I would email the group and find out if they would be keen to do the same thing here.  Thinking nothing would really happen.
But golly golly gosh! A few hours later Lynn emailed me back and said she was very keen for the project to be done here.  I can't believe it!  We would set up the New Zealand satellite group via the Australian site and then off I could go to spread the word.  WOW!!

I must admit I am a little shocked that I am doing this. Very excited, but a little shocked as I have never done ANYTHING like this before. But I feel very strongly that we New Zealanders should be represented.

So here starts my quests to get LOADS of New Zealanders on board in helping me make 5000 poppies.  My hubby thinks we can do better than that and make 10000.  We will see if we can get to 10 first!  I have started. Here is lonely number one...Dedicated to my Grandad.


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