Sunday, 11 August 2013


Hi There,
The project I am working on at the moment which seems to be dragging its heels, is a pink cot blanket that I am hoping to sell on my little shop over on felt.
Felt is a lovely place that sells scrummy New Zealand homemade products. I love wandering around in there looking at what other creative people have made.  I always get stuck in the jewellery section looking at brooches.  Oh how I love brooches!

Anyway...back to the pink cot blanket.

When thinking up the design of my blanket I knew I wanted it to be done in two pink tones and in four different granny squares.  However my ideas in my head in reality didn't quite look right.  The four square combination just didn't gel.

I changed them around but still they didn't look right so I thought maybe instead I should just stick with two granny square pattern.  So again...which do I choose? 

The combinations were endless! And a little mind boggling. On top of that, if I chose one combination I would then have to unpick/unravel the others.  You know how I hate to unpick anything.  But this blanket has to be right if I want to sell it. So I had to just decide... After much thought I chose the last picture combination as it looked the most balance.

After much unpicking, winding up of wool and re-crocheting I can say I am very pleased with the results...

 Until I blocked and crocheted the squares together and this happened..

It doesn't lie flat.  It looks terrible.  Argh!!! What to do?
Maybe it will look better once the border is on?  We will see, if not I will be re-blocking the whole blanket to see if that helps and if that doesn't work I won't be selling it.  

I have also decided that I need to add one more row along the top and side so it will be big enough for a cot.  I figure it is better that the blanket is bigger rather than smaller.  It can then be used for other things.  But while I was crocheting up the final squares I ran out of wool!  I am getting a little impatient and frustrated with this project. Will I EVER finish this blanket?...Watch this space.


P.S...I need to work on my photography.  I find the photos never truly show the colours of wool properly.  Something to master.


  1. It looks lovely even though it doesn't lie flat at the moment. Did you use the same brand of yarn for both colours? Just a thought, as that might account for the difference.

  2. Hi Lisa, I've just added your post to in the craft section. Hope that's OK with you! :-)

  3. Thank you Winwick Mum for your feedback. I seem to have forgotten your name which is very rude of me. Sorry. I didn't even think about different brands of yarn affecting the outcome of the blanket. Silly me! It is such an obvious thing now. I won't mix brands again. Lesson learnt. I will now finish it off and see what happens.
    Thank you also for adding my post to that is sweet. This blogging is becoming so much fun!