Tuesday, 6 August 2013

My Mum

Just recently my Mum celebrated a birthday and instead of buying her a gift I thought it would be nice to make something.  I wanted it to be special because my Mum is an amazing lady. 
One day while reading Attic24's blog I found this lovely heart. And YAY!  That was it! That was what I was going to make.  Unfortunately I don't have photos of the making of the above heart.  Lesson has been learnt.  If I am going to write a craft blog I need to show my workings. That sounds like a maths test..."you must show your workings if you want to get full marks." Funny.
Anyhow, above heart was made in record time, sent and received with delight.

I should at this point talk about my Mum.  I think she is the one I get my crafty obsessions from because Mum, like me is a crafty person too.  As long as I can remember she was always sewing.  She is an incredible seamstress.  She is very particular and neat in her sewing and every garment was and still is of top quality.  As a child she tried to teach me how to sew but back then I was incredibly impatient. Clothing had to be made NOW! Mum ever patient would explain "great sewing takes time."  So I tried but as soon as anything went wrong and that horrid phrase - UNPICK IT came up I was out of that sewing room quick smart.  I hated it.  I always figured Mum can do it better so she can make it.  Hence the end of my sewing career.  Funny thing is, now as an adult I love sewing and have made a few dresses (yes dresses!) and clothes for my little lovelies as well as cushions.  I am sure Mum is quietly laughing to her self.  Me too, I never thought I would get a buzz out of producing something on my own that I liked.  I wonder if she liked the 100's of texts, pics and phone calls I made as I grumbled to her when the zip didn't meet up.  I still don't like zips.  Horrible things!

Another thing Mum and I also love is crocheting.  For a long time she was a knitter but recently I got her hooked (sorry about the pun) on crocheting and now there is no stopping her.  She already has made two lovely BIG blankets for her home. I'm impressed by her efforts because she hasn't been at it long.  A natural I thing when it comes to crafty things.  

I love chatting to her about all our crafty projects, phone calls have been know to go on.  Oh how I wish she lived in the same town as me.  I would be at her place ALL the time discussing ideas.  Lately one of our ideas is to open an online craft store via this blog. It is still a work in progress.  We have been madly crocheting up products in the hope of selling them.  Soon it will be full of scrummy stuff...watch this space.

So to my lovely and ever patient Mum...xxx

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  1. What a lovely gift for your Mum - and what a lovely sounding Mum she is! Looking forward to reading more on your blog! x