Thursday, 21 August 2014

Hello Again

Hi There,
It has been over three months since I last wrote.  I'M STILL HERE!!  

Sorry about the delay but life and living really did take over there for a bit.  There were many times I wanted to get back in here and babble but it ended up being put in the too hard basket. I am back now and hope to get going and write regularly again.  I enjoy doing this, makes me feel good.

A lot has happened.

Some good, some not so good and some just absolutely fantastic.  Over the next few days I will try to break it all down into a coherent chucks for you so you can see just what has been going on here in my little world.

Grab a cuppa and a big block of chocolate and get comfy.  You might be here a while.


May saw the completion of the first poppy exhibition.  It was a great success and through this we were sent even more poppies.  

Good news!  We have cracked the 5000 poppy mark which was our goal and now we are going to continue and see where it goes.  10,000 would be amazing.  I think we almost must have every crafter in the country making poppies now.  Such a lovely feeling seeing this project grow into something truly amazing and beautiful.

We now have three panels (2100 poppies) made and they are being exhibited at Expressions Art Gallery in Wellington. As the panels grow the meaning of it all starts to gain depth.  It is becoming more and more emotional as we go along.  The end result is going to be breath taking.

Tig knows a comfy spot when he finds one

May also saw my Littlest Littlie turn 8.  Not so little. She may need a new name...

I love planning birthday parties for my littlies.  This year, like every year, they get a say in what the theme is going to be and this year LL wanted a dinosaur party.  She is mad about dinosaurs and knows A LOT about them.  So we set about planning this dinosaur party by making our own invitations.  She sat patiently for days cutting and drawing and personalising invitations for each of her friends.  She thought about her friends personalities and that was then reflected in the invite.  Such a creative girl.  

I had the job of cake decorator.  I LOVE THIS JOB! I research and draw pictures then I let them see a rough drawing of what I am doing then no one can see until the birthday day.  I love making surprises!  This years cake was fun to make and surprisingly easy. One round cake, a slice taken out then decorating begins...

Such fun!  The only problem with all this cake decorating is my kitchen.  I love my kitchen but when cake making season comes around every year, my kitchen is NEVER big enough.  Every year I wish for a super duper big kitchen with loads of bench space for me to spread out and just go for it but instead I muddle through making and decorating then clearing a space to make dinner then clean up and start decorating again.  This goes on for a few days and by the end of it me and my kitchen aren't friends anymore!

But the end result is sweet...

One very happy LL.
I sometimes wonder if she will become an Archaeologist with all her obsession with dinosaurs.


June started off with my Oldest Littlie (OL) turning ten, a few days after LL.  Yes birthdays come all at once in our household.   

Ten years has flown by a little too quickly.  It only feels like yesterday that we were bringing him home and starting our adventure as parents.  It has been challenging and sometimes hard but so much fun.  I wouldn't have changed anything.  It has been a delight watching him grow into a lovely boy.  He makes me laugh and he makes me think about things differently everyday.  Love him to bits!

So my ten year old's wish for his birthday was for a Club Penguin cake as this is his favourite game to play at the moment.  So again more research and drawing...OH and some crocheting was thrown in and I came up with this...

Pretty cool.

He has so so pleased with it.  Again so simple!  Round cake, piece cut out then iced. Easy peasy!

Happy little (getting bigger) people, happy Mum.



  1. The cakes look amazing. Loved your post.

  2. Hi Angela,
    Thanks for the kind words. It feels nice to be back into blogging again. Quite therapeutic!