Friday, 7 March 2014


Hi There,
Well this week saw a cold snap descend on us here.  Along with a lovely head cold. It truly felt like Autumn had arrived but today has redeemed itself with blue skies and sunshine.

Having a head cold, working and being a Mum has been hard this week.  Most days I would have liked to have curled up on the couch with a cuppa and a movie but unfortunately there wasn't any time for that!  So I am hoping that, that is all the bugs I will getting this Winter (please?)

I do enjoy this time of year.  The blue skies, crisp mornings that turn into lovely warm days...LOVE IT!!  I think I am definitely a Winter girl.  I love to rug up.  I have made a few yummy scarves this year which I am looking forward to wearing.  Not to mention putting on winter pj's at 4pm and snuggling under the heat pump...Bliss!

Anyway before the Winter weather comes I should really finish these projects.

Little lovelies new winter scarf

The vest

The never ending blue blanket

Only three on the go.  Not too bad?
Maybe I should go and do a little or vacuum?  Hmmm...

Happy crafting,

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