Sunday, 10 November 2013

Sunday Update

Hi There,
I hope you all had a lovely weekend wherever you were.  We did here in the craft cupboard.  I was actually allowed some time in there and boy did I make the most of it!  I blew the dust of the sewing machines and whipped up something super quick (with NO unpicking!) I was most impressed.  My little lovelie who watched in fascination was also impressed.  I think she is desperate to have a go on the machine - one day.  Her feet need to be able to touch the ground while sitting first.

The sewing I was doing was part of a larger project that is almost finished. I can't wait to show you, hopefully this Friday.  So so close to the big revel.  SQUEALS!!

I also started another 'little' project that I think will be ready for its little moment in the spotlight soon.  I know it is very naughty to start another project without finishing the first but this project had been niggling me all week to be made so I just had to do it! Very much worth it.

This weekend it was nice to spend time with my littlest lovelie.  She loves to make things.  She found a pile of my colourful yarn off cuts and she decided she wanted to glue them all together into a ball.  After a little more discussion we came up with the idea to make a christmas wreath.  Yes, a big leap from a glue ball to christmas wreath but it was worth it.

Of coarse no crafty project is not complete without first taking a trip to Spotlight.  I LOVE IT.  We wandered around with a very loose list of what we needed and came home with a large bag of goodies.

We then seated ourselves at the table and went for it.  I tried to do very little, allowing my littlie to take control and make something that was hers.  And here it is...

She is a very clever girl.  It will take pride of place on the front door once the christmas season arrives.

The weather was not too bad this weekend either, so I managed a bit of time out in the garden.  Bliss!  The tropical impatients finally got planted.  I hope they survive and the Summer heat doesn't kill them off.   They look so pretty with their dark green foliage and brightly coloured flowers.  I got a surprise while I was out there...

Gladioli.   The first one of the season.  I fell in love with these flowers a few years ago as they last forever in a vase and you can get 20+ flowers on a stem.  Great value!  As this is the first one it stays in the garden, the rest once they 'pop' get picked.  I love them in vases.

RANDOM NOTE: After our power cut on Thursday night where my candle collection was starting to look horrible I decided to indulge and buy myself some yummy smelling candles.  I found a peach blossom and lily one and another that smells like gingerbread (brings back memories of my christmas gingerbread houses I make every year)  They are soooo good.  They would smell even better if my littlie would stop blowing them out.

And so, no Sunday would not be complete without some crochet time.  So I will be off now to immerse myself in some great Sunday night TV, a herbie tea and hook and yarn time.

Take care,

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