Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Nina or Dottie?

Hi There,

Oh look...Another new member to the family.

Meet Nina.  Or is it Dottie.  My littlest lovely has taken to the name Nina where as I think she looks more like a Dottie.

Once the last stitch is done she no longer belongs to me...Sigh...My littlest lovely takes her under her wing and they are off exploring and having adventures.  So I guess she should get to name her new friend.

So here she is Nina...

Colours don't look very bright in photo

Created from the Dilly Dot Dolls from Annaboos House.  She is the bigger sister to the littler ones I made earlier.  Being slightly bigger she wasn't as fiddly to make however her dress was bigger so that seemed to take ages.  I think I also added too much hair and then one side of her head looked a bit odd.  My eldest lovely thought she looked a little alien...EEK!  We can't have a pretty girl looking like an alien so more hair was added.  It is better but not 100% right.  However the littlest lovely LOVES it so thats that.  No changing.  Happy kids, happy Mum.

Another angle taken by Oldest Assistant 

And another

She is so cute! All Summery bright.  I may have to make one for myself (after the christmas imp and reindeer and winter dolls and...) Who's needs work to fill your days when there is LOADS of crocheting to be had!

Oh well, happy crafting this week everyone,


  1. Such a sweet little dolly! Thank you for your message, glad you still want to take part on the swap. Your swap partner is Wendy from the blog September Violets - septemberviolets.blogspot.uk. You can make any decoration you like it doesn't need to be your own pattern. I have contacted Wendy also. Now all you have to do is make contact with each other and make and send off your swap. Thank you for taking part and happy swapping!
    Marianne x

  2. Your little doll looks very beautiful. The way you have chosen the dress color suits it so much and looks so bright.

  3. Hi Marianne, I sent you a couple of emails regarding our swap, but I wonder if you maybe didn't receive them. You can contact me at: wtfletch@rogers.com
    I hope I hear from you soon ;) Wendy