Monday, 25 November 2013


Hi There,


He's comes across as a quiet little fellow but when you aren't looking he is up to no good.  He loves to eat all the food in the cupboard, hassle the cat and sing nursery rhymes at the top of his voice.  Very cheeky!  Just the way the oldest lovely likes it. They have become quite good friends.

He was created from AnnaBoos House.  The creations that Sarah comes up with are just beautiful, cute and heaps of fun.  I am completely hooked on her blog.  So much so I had to make these this week...


Princess Butternut
Princess Pea
Princess Coco

Awww.... Cutie cutie!!  Alas they won't be together long as Princess Coco and Princess Butternut will be packed off safely to new homes come Christmas.  Quite sad really as they look so good together.  But I guess that gives me an excuse to make more.

But before that, I am about to make these for me for Christmas. Yes for me! Doesn't happen often, I can't wait!

Aren't they cute?  In New Zealand it isn't exactly Wintery snow season but that won't stop me from making them.  Maybe I make them and bring them out in Winter?  Oh super!  Sorted!

Sarah's patterns are very easy and so clear to follow.  It is very hard to make a mistake.  So simple and the results are exactly like the pictures.  Sarah is also happy to answer questions you might have. What I also love is that there was room for the designs to be adapted. I added my own creative flare to them.  Princess Pea's hair was my own creation along with her longer lacy trimmed dress.   Such a great feeling to create something so quickly and my own spin to it. 

While writing this blog I see she has made this little guy.  I already have him downloaded ready to be made.  SQUEALS!!!

So over the next few days, time will be spent making these new characters.  Darn it! I just wish I didn't have to work... Sigh!

L xx

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  1. Hi there, I left you a message on your last post about my Christmas decoration swap post that you commented on. Are you still interested in taking part? If you are could you let me know within the next couple of days? Thanks!
    Marianne x