Saturday, 11 April 2015

Week that was

Hi There,
Autumn walk - Wenderholm
My constant companion

First week of the school holidays done!  It was a very busy one with the kiddies deposited at Gran's house for some spoiling.  Their lovely Aunty from Australia stayed too and so she was in charge of entertainment while Gran was in charge of feeding.

I got to have some time to myself which was lovely.  There wasn't much personal creative crafting going on which was sad but loads of other things got done.  The house was cleaned within an inch of its life as the local TV crew arrived to interview my friend and I about the 5000 Poppies.  It was so much fun, a little nerve racking but fun.  My house got poppyified. 

The day before we did a radio interview which was interesting.  It is hard to get your personality across with just your voice.  No chance to be animated and no one could see me waving my hands about, as I do.  But it was lovely to tell more people about what we have been doing for the past two years and how far we have come. I have said "NO MORE PUBLICITY!"  Lets hope my friend has heard me:)

Another treat was going to the local plant store and getting to spend my birthday vouchers.  My garden now has C*O*L*O*U*R!  So pretty.  

Also on my week off I got spoilt too, with dinners out with Hubby.  Such a treat. When you are knee deep in everyday family is hard to stop and have time together and chat.  So when the kiddies are away we try to make the most of it and treat ourselves to dinners out.  I'm more than happy to have nights off!

But now the noise and mess is back and it is far!

Take care,

Another view at Wenderholm

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  1. Your poppies look amazing! You've worked so hard on them, it's only right that your achievement should be bugled, so well done for the TV and radio interviews. Enjoy the rest of your holidays! xx