Saturday, 4 April 2015

Easter Weekend

Hi There,
My Easter weekend has started well with yesterday spent in the garden.  I have been desperate to get out there and get my hands dirty but something called 'work' was getting in the way.  So yesterday was the day! It was very overgrown with weeds, dead tomato plants and leaves, lots of leaves to sort out.
I only have the after photos.  I really need to remember to take photos before I start just so I can show how much I accomplished.  It was a lot too, as I was out there for six hours!  I even cleaned out the garden shed.  Very satisfying.

Now that I have a clean canvas to play with and a birthday gift of gardening vouchers I am excited about adding some colour to the garden for the coming winter months. After traveling around Europe last year I have become very keen on geraniums. They were everywhere and were so bright and cheery.  I bought some this summer and they have done so well and look delicious.  So now I need MORE!  I am not sure though if they are also a winter plant.  More research needs to be done.

Pretty potted colour in Poland

Another thing I am keen to get finished this weekend is a dolly from this yummy book.  I am in love with Red Riding Hood on the cover.

Isn't she sweet.  I am going to make her next after I have made one for a little friend of mine.  LL has also requested one as well so I think I maybe making three!

Time for more chocolate and maybe a nice hot cuppa.  I hope wherever you are, you have a most relaxing and lovely LONG weekend.

Take care,


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