Friday, 27 February 2015


Hi There,
Last Sunday my Littlest Lovely asked after watching Coraline,  "Would it be very hard to make a rag doll Mum?"
"No," I replied.

And so started the journey.

We found some calico in my sewing stash.  Then found a basic rag doll pattern on Pinterest and went to cutting out the shapes.  I made LL sew the legs and I made the body then I got her to patiently sit and stuff it.  She did a great job!

LL then decided that she only needed eyes.  No mouth necessary Mum! Easy.

We discussed hair colour for a while and then settled on two shades of red.  It gives it a nice depth I think.  The dress was the challenging part of the whole process.  Why I couldn't figure it out I don't know.  I had to add a little piece above the arms for the dress to be able to fit around to the back.  A little bit of a nightmare.  I got there in the end and it seems to be OK.

There are a few things I would do differently next time, like making the arms sit down as opposed to sticking out.  I think also I could make the dress better BUT at the end of the day my Littlest Lovely squealed with delight when she saw her and really that is all that matters.  If she loves it then I have done a great job.

Pretty contrasting sash

Vintage lace added

Name?  What do we call this creation...I wanted Abigail or Isabelle or another super cute girlie name...but LL had that all covered...

"I will call her Blaze because that is cool and she has red hair."  Can't argue with that!

So meet...BLAZE

Then..."Mum do you think you could make another one with Blue hair?"

Oh Boy!


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