Wednesday, 4 February 2015


Hi There,

My little people went back to school last week. My OL (Oldest Lovely) is in his last year of primary school.  So a special year for him.  Both have settled in nicely to the school routine while I madly do little jobs around the house before work starts again.

This week has been a very busy one with me counting over 1,000 poppies and tidying up some poppy panels and then packaging seven up ready to go to Christchurch to be displayed at the Airforce Museum for Anzac Day this year.  

One panel - beautiful

Rolled and almost ready to send

Display of three panels at Glenfield Library

We now have over 23,000 poppies!  It is crazy to see how massive it has become.  I am really looking forward to seeing all 23,000 poppies displayed in one place later in the year.  The effect will be breath taking.

On the crochet front I have managed to make a few things too!



 The newest Imp to the Imp Family.

Apparently she is the girlfriend of Limestone.

L-R: Pearl, Indy, Limestone and Emerald

These four Imps are very mischievous together and play some pretty creatively made up games.


These critters aren't my favourite to make but the little people like them so of coarse I am obliging and make them.

So that I feel is everything that has been happening here in the cupboard this week.  It is almost time to go make tacos and tortillas for dinner along with a banana loaf for school lunches.

I hope you all get to be a little creative this week.
Take care,

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