Monday, 23 December 2013

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree...

Hi There,
Pretty tea lights in jars decorated with Christmas ribbon
Why does December always fly by too quickly?  

Every December is a busy one.  Busy but fun with end of the school year prize giving, work Christmas parties, family BBQ's to attend, compulsory Santa photo to see to, last minute present shopping. As well as baking goodies for gifts and a new thing I started last year, crocheting christmas decorations for friends.

I wish it would slow down a little sometimes so I could enjoy it a little more but alas it just continues to fly by.  So I fly with it...

In amongst the flying I have been crocheting christmas trees as gifts for friends.  The cute design came from a favourite blog Annaboo's House.  She (I think I have said this before) makes the most delicious things I have seen.  Her blog is very addictive!

Set of three sent to Canada

I have enjoyed making them.  They are super fast to make which is nice when you are in a hurry to make gifts for people.  But while I was making these little trees an idea popped into my head...MAKE A BIG ONE!! Sure why not, I have LOADS of time...
And so I did...


All 43 rows of it!  Perfect! It sits proudly on the dining room table looking all Christmassy.  I love it! I took the little tree pattern from Annanoo's House and increased every three rows until I was happy with the size. Then I played around with the base until it was big enough to hold the tree up.  The fun part was decorating.  I went crazy with little sparkly ball beads, sequins, stars and tiny beads.  Yummy!!
I just need to find the right star to go on top.  I tried crocheting one or should I say three but none seemed to look right.  I will keep looking around for a star button or a good crochet star pattern and finish it one day but for now it looks OK without one.

Anyway, I am off on a road trip soon so...
I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas day wherever you are and you get to relax just a little bit.
Take care,

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