Sunday, 29 December 2013

Christmas Goodies

Hi There,
I hope you all had a very festive christmas day with family/friends.
Ours was a very quiet affair at a local hotel.  It was lovely to go somewhere to eat yourself silly then leave and not worry about all the clean up.

Princes Gate Hotel

The Prices Gate Hotel in Rotorua was such a beautiful venue.  The interior was so decadent you really felt like you had stepped back in time.

We all felt very 'posh' having lunch there.  Ham, turkey, roast vegetables, salad, pavalova, christmas pudding with brandy sauce and christmas fruit mince pies...mmmmm... We went home WAY too full but very very happy.

We ended the day playing dinosaur monopoly and eating roses chocolates (as Miranda would say, "Such fun!")


And now...the secret things I have been making for others in the lead up to Christmas. I couldn't share them until after they were opened.  I have been so so excited to show you so...



The cheekiest christmas imp.

He was made for a secret santa at work.  He was easy enough to make but me being the over the top perfectionist that I am, I ended up making four different arms and legs until he was just right.  I fluffed around with his face for ages too.  At one point he was made with white felt then at the last minute I changed it to beige (more gingerbready looking).  I do not recommend this to anyone as it left me a little stressed!  But the end result was worth it.

I then had fun wrapping him.

Along with a note.  Which once was all wrapped up I realised I had made a spelling mistake.  Not a good look for a primary school teacher.  I unwrapped it and fixed it. Crisis averted.

Once wrapped he sneakingly got added to the secret santa sack.

On the day I had a fantastic view of the lovely lady opening my gift.  She was very happy, giggling with her friends at his quirkiness.  It was the most satisfying and best feeling watching someone enjoying your handmade creation.  I am definitely going to make more stuff next year for gifts.

Another creation was crocheted bags and dilly dot dolls for the nieces.

My nieces haven't received these yet as we were all in different places for christmas but in a few days we are having a belated family christmas get together.  I can't wait to see their faces.  

So that is all the christmas goodies done!  All the stuffing of face is done!  Last minute tidying of the house and garden done!

Now it is time for a wee break.

I hope you all have a super fun New Years with friends and just a 'little' of bubbles are consumed.

Take care,


  1. These look fantastic Lisa. Well done!!!

  2. Thanks Angela. They were heaps of fun to make.

  3. Hello, I am visiting your blog from Wendy's blog 'September Violets'. Those sweet little bags you made for your nieces are so adorable! And the hotel looks really nice too. I kind of wish we had just gone out for Christmas dinner. I think we will be doing that next year! New follower. Nice to meet you, Lisa!

    1. Hi There Stacy,
      Nice to meet you and thanks for popping over and becoming a follower. How exciting!! I hope you enjoy your visits into my little crazy world of craft. I look forward to reading your blog properly once I am back from holiday.
      Take care,

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