Saturday, 26 October 2013


Hi There,

Finally I can introduce to you the finished pink blanket.


I am glad it is finished.  I think it has been a challenge more than the other crocheted things I have made.  I really wanted it to be right as I want to sell it in my 'little shop'.

Where I left this project I had just put all the squares together and the blanket began to bunch up and it looked awful.  At this point I was starting to stress that it wouldn't work.

After much discussion with my Mum and other crocheters I decided to just keep going and see what happened.  If it ended up looking awful I wouldn't sell it.

So... once all the squares were all together I started the process of trying to figure out what border to do.  Do I make a frilly border or a practical straight border?  The border always takes me a long time to decide on as it is the part of the blanket that really finishes it off.  I should have taken photos of ALL the ideas that I tried and there were a few. It would have been interesting to see the process.  I must remember that for next time. In the end I opted for a nice simple border.  

So there you have it after many months I give you...


I must say after all the stress and challenge of making it has passed I do really like it.  It is just so snuggly and delicious.  I now can't wait to pass it on to a little girl who will find it just as snuggly and delicious.  

Fingers crossed someone else falls in love with it.


The cat loves it!

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  1. Hi Lisa
    Your pink blanket is beautiful. I'm glad someone else tries lots of different borders too - thank goodness crochet is so quick to undo !!
    Kate x