Saturday, 21 March 2015

Poppy Madness

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Here in the Craft Cupboard lately there has been a huge focus on the poppy project as we are slowly coming to the end of an epic journey.  We have reached a staggering 28,000 poppies and I think we just may get to 30,000 by 1st April this year.

The effort people here in New Zealand have gone to, to make this project have substance and a soul has truly blown me away.  I never thought that it would get this big and that anyone would be interested but my little country has proven me wrong. Quite humbling really.  

Over the past two years since I took on this project I have meet some wonderful people.  There is a group of ladies who come along regularly on a Sunday to the local RSA and help to stitch poppies onto hesssian.  That has been a massive task with us making 23 panels.  Amazing lovely group. There have also had over 800 Facebook followers supporting us along the way.  All the panels made will be displayed at the Airforce Museum in Christchurch, Omaka Aviation Heritage Centre in Blenheim and the Nazy Museum in Devonport this year. 

Two of the lovely ladies from the group bought me some beautiful poppy gifts.  I love them!  Such a nice momentum for years to come.  

So now being almost at the end it feels good to have created a memory.  A memory that will be displayed every Anzac Day for all to remember what our little country did in WWI and subsequent battles. 

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