Monday, 27 July 2015


Hi There,

It isn't easy sticking to the end on this 'never ending' blanket journey.
I have had many a distraction along the way.
Imps, scarfs, giraffes, dolls, hats, bags, more dolls, dinosaurs...OH the list goes on.

Kokeshi Doll - Post to come
Gerard - Post to come
Winter scarf for a friend

But I think I am almost there.

Well, the crocheting part.  323 squares later.  This number has been revised many a time but it has been settled 323 squares are more than enough.

So next comes the endless job of stitching in all the ends.  I know I should have done them along the way but I just got carried away crocheting, that's the fun part right?

As of today, this is where I am at...

All nicely spread out, taking up the whole lounge floor.  The 'crochet cat' has moved in to keep guard.  Nice!

So off I go...323 ends to be stitched in...

See you all soon...if I make it!

Take care,